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RV Shopping with Sir Part 1

I feel Sir tighten and finish deep in my pussy, we are running late but he wanted me and how could I possibly say no? I smile as I stand and head to the bathroom to clean up. “No. Leave it,” Sir says as he bends to pick up the light gray leggings laying on the floor “put these on. We’re late now and need to go.” I take them from him and watch his back as he heads to the bathroom to dress and clean up.

So, I have to go to the dealership like this but he gets to clean up? My bratty side is coming out today. I don’t like being late and now in these leggings as I pull them up, I can feel the crotch soaking with our cum as it runs out of my used pussy.

“Are you ready?” Sir asks as he comes back into the room “I want everyone one to know you’re mine today,” he says as he steps forward and grabs me by the crotch pushing my leggings further into the wetness there.

An hour later we pull up to the RV dealership where we are going to be spending the next few hours. I see Cody the sales guy walking towards our truck and say a silent thank you in my mind that the majority of the wetness between my legs has dried. As I climb down from the truck, I immediately feel a fresh rush of cum seep out, re-soaking my pants and turn to glare at Sir. He smirks at me and mouths “mine” to me over the hood of the truck.

I turn to position myself behind the men as we make our way towards the building, but both stop and signal me to go ahead, “Ladies first,” Sir says and I grumble at him in my head. I’m all too aware of the growing stain of wetness on my light-colored pants as I walk in front of the two, listening to them finalize the details of the sale we are here for. By the time I get to the finance office where we are supposed to meet the manager my thighs are sticky with cum again. Sir knew exactly what he was doing this morning, we hadn’t seen each other in a few nights because of his work schedule and he filled me to the brim this morning before we left.

I sit in the plastic chair offered to me by the sales manager and can smell the scent of cum coming off of me as I cross and recross my legs attempting to get comfortable hoping I won't leave a wet stain when I stand. “If you will just wait here, we will be right back with the tech who is going to take you on the tour through your new RV,” Cody, the salesman says as he and his manager leave the small office.

“Shit, I forgot about the tour,” I mutter under my breath to Sir and hear him chuckle.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay over there?” He says reaching between my legs and running two fingers up the inside crease of my leggings where they’re wet and sticky. I swat his arm.

“You knew exactly what you were doing,” I’m aghast at him, while we have played at home this is the first time being in public that he has made any attempt to bring the D/s aspect of our marriage into public.

“Yes, and I know what I have planned as well,” he doesn’t go into detail because just then the two men return with a third, they’re introducing to Sir. I’m not listening, I’m trying to slow my breathing and focus on the office in front of me as my mind whirls, what he has planned?

We make our way out to the RV, our group of five, the three men following us as we walk hand in hand and Sir goes over the financial details of the purchase with me. I nod, only half listening. Thirty minutes later, we have taken the tour and been shown all of the ins and outs of the trailer. I’ve finally stopped wondering if the three men can smell what’s left of our morning fun on me, I have only been adding to it with my own arousal, Sir was right to make this decision, I have been incredibly turned on the entire time, my own wetness growing and adding to the stain between my legs.

“If you gentlemen don’t mind giving us just a few minutes, I just want to go over the final information with my wife then we can meet you inside to sign papers,” Sir says to them. I watch as they turn to leave us standing behind the trailer, I listen to their feet crunch on the gravel of the parking lot as they walk away from us. I feel his hand on the back of my neck then. “Hands on the trailer, you’re wet and ready for me, aren’t you? You dirty slut, you know they can all smell how wet and ready you are. Wanting to be fucked like the whore you are.” He finishes his statement with a smack on my ass and I feel him tuck his thumbs into the waistband of my pants.

“We can’t,” I protest trying to turn towards him, but he has already pulled my leggings down around my thighs and has his hands back around my wrists as I spread my fingers on the back of the trailer.

“Better be quiet or they’re going to hear you and come to see what’s going on,” Sir growls in my ear, adjusting my wrists so one hand is around them he takes the other and undoes the zipper of his pants, I can hear the noise and it’s so loud in my mind the men are already on their way back to investigate.

“Sir, please,” I whisper softly through my teeth. But my body being the traitorous slut, like always, doesn’t listen to my mind and I arch my back and push my ass towards him. Sir slides the head of his cock into my soaking pussy.

“You want me to fuck you right here don’t you, like the whore you are, in this parking lot where anyone can walk up and watch you?”

“Yes, Sir,” I pant, my heart racing, I keep looking around the corner of the trailer, straining my eyes and ears for any sign that the three men are returning, looking for us. Sir reaches around and rubs slow deliberate circles over my clit as he pounds into me from behind. “I, fuck” I whisper between my panting breaths, I’m going to cum. How in the world am I supposed to keep quiet when he is pounding me into the trailer, it is rocking back and forth with our movement? “Please, Sir. I’m going to cum. May I cum?”

I’m begging now, whispering my plea to him. I don’t care where we are, I just need to cum. “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you” he says softly in my ear. “You need something?” He is toying with me; I don’t dare cum without permission and he wants me to say it louder and risk being heard.

“Please, Sir can I cum?” I say again, more loudly this time, then I freeze. “What was that?” I ask him.

“Nothing, baby, just me pounding into your soaking wet pussy. You want to cum? I wasn’t sure I heard you?”

“Yes,” I whisper-shout at him, trying to look at him over my shoulder. I can’t turn at this angle to see him fully.

“Hmmm?” Sir says again.

Frustrated and near tears I can’t hold off much longer. “Please Sir, may I cum? I need you to make me cum.” I say fully, loudly and not caring who hears me.

He pounds into me as he picks up the pace of his fingers on my clit, faster, each motion bringing me closer. “You may cum, but I want to hear you enjoy it,” I don’t hesitate, tossing my head back I cry out as my orgasm explodes through me. I feel Sir tense and then thrust forwards a final time as he fills me for the second time today with his hot seed.

“I’m sorry, excuse…” I hear the words trail off and my skin is instantly hot, I open my eyes and standing on the side of the trailer are the three men. Sir’s hands glide down over my hips to the hem of my leggings as he pulls them up. I watch dumbfounded as the men turn their backs to us and head into the building. The buzzing in my ears is deafening. I turn on him then

“Did they? Do you think they saw?” I ask him, panic sinking into me.

“They saw sweetheart, they saw you cum all over my dick while you cried out begging for it. Like whore who wanted to be fucked in a parking lot for spare change. Now go inside and tell them I’ll be right there. I have to get something out of the truck.”

“What?” I ask, trying to process what just happened.

“Go,” he says firmly, hand on my lower back pushing me towards the building.

“You saw them, watching?” I ask as I look at him, my feet moving towards the building, Sir smiles and winks at me.

As I make my way towards the small office, I can hear the three men talking. Catching bits and pieces of their conversation, ‘so hot’, ‘I wish my wife’, and ‘do you think he would let us?’

All conversation ends when I enter the stuffy room. “My husband just had to get something out of the truck,” I say as I take my seat in the plastic chair, an audible squish is heard throughout the tiny room. I’m so full of and soaked with cum, they all know it. They can all hear it and they watched it. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Fuck that was hot I think to myself and turn smiling at Sir as he comes through the doorway.

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