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Forced to Cum for Sir

I kneel down next to the couch where Sir sits with his drink in hand watching the TV. But I quickly get bored with waiting. Sliding my calves out from under my thighs I flop to the side and pout, still kneeling by him I reach up and run my hand up his shorts and massage his balls. No reaction. I might as well not even exist.

I try to be a good, patient sub and wait, after all this was my idea. This is what I told him I wanted, but is he disinterested in being my Dom or is this part of the game? Does he know ignoring me is getting me even more hot and bothered?

I get distracted by the TV and I'm not presenting properly, I'm starting to feel like there is no point in keeping this up anyway. I feel Sir run his hand up my arm and over my shoulder, his fingers dig into my scalp as he runs them through my hair. When he stops, hand tangled in my hair and turns me to look at him I can see the fire in his eyes.

"Did you have fun after I left the room last night?" He asks, looking directly into my eyes.

Shit! I look down. I thought I'd gotten away with it, but clearly when he came back to bed he had caught me cumming again on my own.

"Look at me," he says.

I raise my eyes back to his and my stomach jumps into my throat, this is a new side of him. I asked him to be my Dom, I begged for him to take me and make me submit. But every step felt like I was pushing him and he was just giving me what I wanted. Looking into the eyes of my husband now I can see something new in them and I'm instantly wet.

Calmly, with authority in his voice, forcing me to not look away in my shame he goes on, "You asked me to make you submit, to take your body and make it mine to do what I want with. It is for me to decide when you get to cum, when you've had enough and when I'm done with you." He is punctuating his words as he goes and I can see him fighting to keep his calm. "You wanted this. Now you're going to follow the rules. Get up!"

He lets go of my hair and I hesitate for a second too long, Sir stands up quickly and is in front of me, power radiates from him.

"You're the one who asked for this, you're the one who wanted to submit so it's time to learn what happens if you keep playing like this is a game," he says as he pulls me up by my arms.

"Upstairs," the command kicks me into gear and I make my way to the stairs.

I can feel him glaring at me as I walk up each step, he is right behind me, hand on my lower back. As we enter the bedroom he turns and is closing the door behind him when he starts again.

"You want me to be in charge but you want to decide that what I give you isn't enough and you need to cum more after I'm gone?"

I stand next to the bed dumbfounded, my cheeks feel like they're on fire and I stare at the floor refusing to make eye contact with him. Sir walks right past me and starts pulling toys and rope from the dresser on the other side of the bed.

"Strip! But leave your thong on," he clears his throat when I hesitate. I start moving to do as I'm told. When I'm done, I turn to find him standing with rope in his hands.

"Come here," he points to the bench in front of him.

I walk around the bed to Sir and sit down in front of him, he blindfolds me and then lays me down on the slim bench on my back. Reaching down under my thighs he lifts my knees up to my chest and takes his time binding me, calves to my thighs with my arms down by my side. I'm spread open and ready, balanced on the bench at the end of our bed just right, if I squirm, I'll fall off either side. I take the time to focus on slowing my breath. I can hear Sir moving things around on the dresser but I can't make sense of what he is about to do.

"You wanted to cum just one more time last night, after I was done with you, slut?" I don't respond, my shame keeps me quiet. SMACK! The flogger hits my inner thigh and I flinch but quickly catch myself before I move too much and fall off the bench.

Sir chuckles, "That's right, you want to lay still in the dark and be quiet while you make yourself cum and hope no one notices, right?" Two more times the flogger hits my thighs, left then right.

"Yes, Sir. I'm sor…" he cuts me off with a snack across my tits.

"It's too late for that, you wanted to lay up here and cum, then lie as still and quiet as you could when I came back up so you can do that now."

I hear the hum of a vibrator as he turns it on, then he reaches over and slides it down the front of my panties making sure it's in the perfect position over my clit. I can instantly feel the orgasm building. He starts steadily smacking my ass, thighs and pussy with the flogger while the vibrator brings me closer to cumming.

"You can cum for me, you are going to keep cuming for me. But you will be still and you WILL be silent. Is that clear?" he asks.

"Yes Sir" I answer, as he keeps punishing my ass and thighs with the flogger, I get ready to cum and focus on keeping my breath steady so I can be silent. He smacks my pussy with the flogger and as it bites into my skin I explode with orgasm, tensing up I try not to fall off the bench and he chuckles under his breath again.

I hear him set the flogger down and walk around me, he quickly grabs my nipples and pinches hard, I buck and cum again as the steady thrumming of the vibrator on my clit continues. But then I can't hear him anymore, so I lay still trying not to cum again and steady my breath, the building fire in my clit is relentless and I cum a third time, panting now.

I hear the click of the TV, "Remember I don't want to hear a sound out of you" Sir says as he starts to watch the TV. I lay on my back and squeeze my eyes shut under my blindfold. I can tell it's been at least 10, 20, 30 minutes. I know the show he is watching has hour-long episodes. It hasn't been a full hour yet, every time I hear the sound stop, I hold my breath. Listening to see if the show is over. I've cum more times than I can count, it's a continuous flow of orgasm now, I can't move or I'll fall and I'm exhausted, my muscles ache. Tears run out of the corners of my eyes. That's when I hear him stand up from the bed and I can make out the sound of him taking off his clothes.

"Open your mouth," I do as I'm told and I feel the warm smooth head of his cock on my tongue then the smack of the flogger across my pussy and I cry out in surprise.

"Quiet!" He says low and harsh as he shoves his cock down my throat making me gag. "I can't hear the TV over you being a thirsty little slut."

I'm still cumming and my body is shaking now as he fucks my mouth, each smack of the flogger on my pussy and thighs and the twist of my nipples sends me over the edge again and again.

"I love your pretty mouth and when you suck my cock like a good whore. You want me to cum for you and make it stop? Do you think you've had enough yet?" He asks as he slides his cock out of my mouth and waits for me to catch my breath.

"You're in charge Sir," I say, but I want to beg him to make it stop. Cumming again is torture and I have to put every ounce of energy I have left into focusing on my words. "I'm yours Sir. I'll cum for you when you say, you're in control."

"Good girl, that's what you wanted right?" He asks as he slides his cock back into my waiting mouth. I can taste the precum on my tongue and want to suck him harder so he will finish and let me be done. But from this angle he is in control, not me. Always, I want him to be in control, not me. Slowly I can feel Sir's cock harden, the veins standing out as he slides across my tongue and I know he is close.

He smacks me with the flogger again as he pulls out of my mouth and cum shoots onto my tits and stomach. Then he slides his hand down my panties and slowly pulls the vibrator out, turning it off and tossing it onto the bed. He pulls the blindfold from my eyes and it takes me a while to adjust to the light. I don't see him for a minute, but I can hear the sink in the bathroom running. He steps back around the bench and starts to slowly clean me with a damp warm washcloth. Leaning over me Sir kisses my mouth and I quake under his touch as he cleans his cum from my chest and stomach.

Taking his time, he unbinds me and lifts me into our bed. Arms on either side of my head kneeling over me Sir looks into my eyes "I will be your Dom if this is what you want. But you will respect and obey me every step of the way, is that clear?" I stare into my husband's eyes and melt.

"Yes, Sir," dropping his head to my neck he growls and rolls us into our sides.

"I love you" he says as he kisses my forehead.

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D.M. Winters
D.M. Winters
Jan 07, 2022

👀 this was a good one! I was so intrigued when I got the email that I just had to hop on and read before bed. 🤤

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