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Coming Home (Kat's Story Pt. 2)

Later, we arrive at a massive home, and I’m led inside. Still cuffed, chained and naked, I’m grateful that it is dark outside and there don’t seem to be any neighbors around to see. When he leads me to a set of stairs behind a door we descend into a basement. Kneeling on the floor at the bottom of the stairs is a woman, her auburn hair is in a high ponytail like mine. She is naked and presenting herself to her Dom, perfectly. Her large breasts out to him, hands palm up on her round thighs, she is built similar to myself, and I smile inwardly. Type much there, Mr. Green eyes?

“Stand,” he instructs her, and doing as he is told she rises to her feet in front of him. He hands over the end of the chain around my wrists and she clasps it in her hand. When he reaches out with his now free hands and gropes her breast, I’m green with envy. I want to have his hands on me! I whine in my mind.

“Take our new slave and give her the rundown of the ground rules, make sure you two are ready for me in ten minutes,” when he finishes, he turns to me and meets my gaze, I look to him, questioningly. I was unsure of what to expect, but this wasn’t it. “Don’t worry, kitten. It’s going to be alright.” I nod at his words and watch as he turns and heads back up the stairs. The door at the top of the stairs closes and I hear an audible click. I know it is locked from the outside. My stomach drops. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

“Hi, I’m Nikki,” the sub tells me, and I peel my gaze from the stairs, eyes wide, I look at her.

“Kat, well Kathryn. But I go by Kat,” she nods and leads me across the room.

“Master is very giving, and we have everything we need here. The basement is set up as a small apartment. Later I’ll show you your room and the kitchen. For now, do you need to use the bathroom at all before we get started going over the general rules?” She asks me as she settles onto the edge of a massive king size four poster bed. Carabiners hang from the posts, and I get lost in the idea of being tied to one.

“No, I’m good. What do I need to know?” I need to get down to business and stay focused on the task at hand, so I don't give in to the inner panic building in my belly.

Ten minutes later I have been given all of the general information I need, apparently Nikki and now myself live here in the apartment in the basement. Naked and to be ready for our Master at all times. Fairly straightforward for now, I follow her back to the bottom of the stairs and kneel before her. Nikki lowers herself next to me, placing her hands palm up with my chain across them.

We wait.

When I hear the click of the lock on the basement door I tense. I’m more nervous now than before. The idea of actually getting to feel my Master’s hands on my in a few moments has my sex soaking. I can feel it coating my folds and fear I will drip onto the floor, I'm so aroused.

“Kitten,” he says to me when he reaches the bottom of the stairs. I take that as my cue to look up to him and he nods his pleasure at my quickly learning from Nikki what is expected of me when I am addressed.

“Good girl. Nikki,” he commands, holding out his hand to her and she places the chain in it. Pulling on it he guides me to my feet and towards the bed in the center of the room, Nikki remains behind still kneeling, head bowed at the base of the stairs.

“What is the first rule?” he quizzes me as he unlocks the chain attached to my wrist cuffs but leaves them in place. The chain drops to the floor, and he uses a barefoot to slide it under the bed out of the way.

“You are my Master now,” I tell him. Thinking back to Nikki’s words.

He nods, “Rule number two?” he asks, as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a blue satin lined leather collar.

“You will be referred to as Master. I will speak when spoken to, and only when spoken to in your presence, Master,” I tell him as he walks around behind me, then lowering his hands over my head with the collar in them he closes it around my neck.

“Number, three,” he says as he buckles it into place and turns a key in the buckle, preventing the collar from being removed by anyone who does not possess said key.

“You own my body, I will do what you say, when you say. Without hesitation and I’m to cum when told and only when told, Master,” I pause and meet his gaze as he walks back around in front of me nodding his approval at the collar and my words. “With the exception of safewords, which are green, yellow, and red,” I finish reciting the rules Nikki told me and lock my eyes on his.

“Good girl, kitten. I told you earlier, I see a fire inside of you and I think you know exactly what I mean. I think we will have fun breaking you in, won’t we?” he winks at me, and I bite my lower lip at his words. Fuck yes!

“Yes, Master,” I nod.

“Good, now kneel,” I do as I’m told and lower myself to my knees in front of him, he produces a leash from his jeans pocket and clips it to the ring on my collar, my cuffed hands remain resting on my thighs in front of me.

“You’re going to learn what Good girls get, first. Nikki,” his command causes her to rise, and she crosses the room towards us. “Good girls are rewarded for their efforts, aren't they Nikki?” he asks her when she stops in front of us.

“Yes, Master,” she says sweetly, and it makes my stomach turn. This bitch is going to get what I want. My thought is interrupted by her sucking in a sharp breath as Master grabs her by the ponytail and pulls her mouth to his.

I watch as he kisses her hard, twisting his hand in her hair and she is panting, like a thirsty whore already…shame fills me when I realize so am I. The hand that he is still holding my leash in moves forward up to her breasts and I’m forced to shift and move towards the couple. Watching as he gropes her, twists her nipples and smacks her hard across first one then the other tit.

I gasp at the roughness of it, but I know that it would feel incredible to have his hands on me in the same way. I grind myself down on my legs, squeezing my thighs together at the growing wetness there, wishing I could touch myself while I watch them. I slowly move my hand across my thigh.

“Don’t you dare,” the words catch me off guard. I looked away from their kissing for only a moment. I didn’t notice when they stopped. Master was watching me, waiting to see my reaction. Pulling hard on my leash I’m forced to crawl forward to him. Grabbing my chin in his hand he squeezes my jaw hard and the pain shoots waves of pleasure through my body. Yes, be rough with me too! Please, Master.

I beg him with my eyes, “Soon, kitten,” he reassures me. “Nikki,” his one-word command of her name and she lays herself back on the bed. As he walks over to her, he pulls on my leash and I crawl awkwardly, with my hands still cuffed, to kneel next to the bed. I watch as he unzips his jeans and frees himself. Pulling them off he kicks them to the side. I was right when thinking he would be big, his erect cock lays flat against his stomach, and he is massive. I’m unsure if I would be able to take all of him.

Master pulls on my leash, and I jerk my eyes up to meet him, “Suck me, kitten.” doing as I’m told and slowly lean forward to take him into my mouth, tasting him for the first time sends a thrill through me. I slowly slide my tongue over the head of his cock, then run it down the underside of it to his balls, licking them briefly. He pushes down on the base of himself so he can slide into my mouth, and I open it for him. Jaw stretched wide around him as I slide him in and out of my eager lips, coating him in my spit.

“Touch yourself Nikki, I want to watch you make yourself cum while, kitten sucks my cock.” I hear him tell her and I can hear her shifting on the bed. I look up at him, dick filling my mouth, I try to take all of him in, but he hits the back of my throat, and I can't he is too big for me. I gag and sputter and he chuckles at my attempts.

I can hear Nikki’s panting breaths and I know she is close, after learning to cum when told she quickly brings herself close to the edge. “I’m going to cum, Master. Please may I cum?” She asks him as I continue to suck his cock, working him in and out of my mouth.

“Think about me pounding into you while you cum, cum for Nikki,” as he says the words, I hear her moans and then feel the pain of his hand in my hair he pulls me down on him and roughly starts to fuck my mouth, gagging me. I choke on the massive cock filling my mouth and listen as Nikki cums on the bed. Pulling on my leash in one hand and his other twisted in my hair, I’m helpless, left to be used for his pleasure. He is showing me he owns me.

Suddenly he drops my head and steps away from me towards the bed. With drool running down my chin coating my breasts and tears running down my cheeks I sit and watch. My Master steps between Nikki’s legs, takes a hold of her thighs, pulling her down onto him at the edge of the bed. At the same time as he drives forward into her waiting cunt.

She cries out and I know she is stretched to her max, I can see the lips of her stretched around him, as he pounds into her. He tugs on my leash, “Kitten,” the command is rough, and I look up at him, waiting for my instructions. “I want you to suck my balls and eat my asshole while I fuck Nikki’s Good girl pussy. If you show me, you can be my good girl too, maybe you’ll be next.”

I hesitate, he wants what? I’ve never done that, his asshole? He jerks hard on my leash, “What was rule number three?” he asks me when I don’t make a move to follow his command, "If you want me to spank you, then you better be a good girl, Kitten,” he continues to punish Nikki’s pussy and her moans fill the room. “Don’t think I don’t know what you want. Without hesitation is rule number 3. Now move! Nikki is close to cumming and I want to cum in her while she cums on my cock and you suck her cum from my balls.”

I crawl around behind him at the bed and position myself, my still cuffed hands spread his cheeks, as he pounds into Nikki. I run my hand over his smooth balls and lick them slowly at first, then suck hard. Getting into his rhythm as he moves, I pause for a moment thinking it through then spread his cheeks again, he's completely shaven and his puckered hole is there for me. Sticking out my tongue I circle it and he groans loudly. “Fuck, yes Kitten, good girl” I lap at him while I continue to play with his balls, and he fucks her.

“Master,” Nikkie cries and I know she is asking for permission to cum again, the lucky bitch.

I don’t let up; I keep pleasuring his ass with my tongue them tug gently on his balls and he shouts.

“Fuck!” I know he is close to cumming, as his balls tighten and I feel him tense, the pulsing running through his body tells me I’m pleasing him as he cums deep in Nikki’s pussy. I continue to lap at his hole, happy with what I’ve done.

Pulling out of Nikki, Master turns to me, and I watch as his cum drips from her used hole. She lays on the bed panting, gasping for breath. The aftershocks of the orgasm making her still twitch.

“Clean her up, Kitten,” Master commands me as I shift forward towards the bed, I look around for a towel. Unsure of what to use I turn to him, the question in my eyes. “Suck my cum out of her, please my slave with your mouth and give her another orgasm, if you make her cum. I’ll let you cum at last.”

Again, a first for me, I put my hand out to him and he takes hold of it. Helping me to my feet. When I step towards Nikki on the bed, I see her rubbing small circles over her clit, still. Still pleasuring herself as she was told to do.

Closing my mouth over her, I suck as I run my tongue up her slit, Master's cum mixed with hers fills my mouth. The smell of their sex mixed with the salty taste of Master’s cum filling my mouth awakens things inside me. I continue to lap at her, sucking, and nipping at her taught bud. She squirms under me, and I feel more brazen as she moans. I shove my tongue into her hot pussy. Her silky walls tense around me and I swirl my tongue around, exploring her. Once I've cleaned all of his cum from her pussy I still don’t stop, enjoying the taste of her and the feeling of having her at my mercy.

Suddenly I feel a hand come down on my bare ass. The stinging pain shoots through me and fire spreads across my skin. I stop what I'm doing, raising my mouth from Nikki’s soaking folds. “No. You stop, I stop,” Master says, “go on kitten you want me to spank you? You eat her.”

Without hesitating I go back to my work, the pleasure building inside me as I hear Nikki moan again when I close my mouth over her clit and suck, brushing my teeth against her gently. I tease her, flicking my tongue over it. Closing my eyes, I imagine having my mouth on myself and what would bring me to the edge.

Whack! The sound of Master’s hand against my skin fills the room mixing with Nikki’s pleasure. I jerk at the feeling of him beating my ass over and arch my back, pushing my myself out to him. The sting spreads across my cheeks and the burn makes my flesh feel like it is on fire. I’m panting as I lap at Nikki.

When he smacks me again, harder this time than any before I cry out and lift my mouth from Nikki. She takes hold of my head and pulls me down onto her again. I take her cue and shove my tongue into her, deep, filling her with it. Her thighs begin to quiver, and I smile, as I run my tongue over her folds again. Enjoying the taste and the sensation I moan into her cunt, and I hear Master chuckle behind me.

He is rubbing my abused ass, soothing the pain away, when his hand slides lower to my pussy I buck back against him, close to cumming just from the pain he has given me. I get lost in my task and continue to eat Nikki’s pussy, with relish now, squeezing my thighs together as Master explores mine with his fingers. Spreading me open and coating his fingers in my juices. I’m so wet my thighs are slick with it.

Fuck me, Master please. I beg him in my mind, squeezing my eyes closed. I picture him behind me, his shaft in his hand as he rubs the head of his cock up and down my fold teasing me.

“Master,” Nikki’s soft voice interrupts my thoughts, and I whimper. My need is matching hers, “I need to cum. Please, Master, may I cum?” she asks, her legs shaking on either side of my face as she holds me to her, pushing me onto her, while I suck at her clit again.

“Cum Nikki,” the command is like a rubber band snapping, and she explodes, pushing my tongue into her one more time. I feel the pulsing of her walls sucking me in further. I moan loudly into the room and am rewarded with another hard smack on the ass then one on my pussy. The second slap brings me back to myself and I hold back my own orgasm. Close, I’m so close.

The aftershocks leave Nikki trembling under me as I feel Master wrap his hands around my waist and pull me back from her, she releases my head from her hands, and I stand. I lean back against Master, panting. My cheeks and lips are coated with his slave’s cum, when he turns me and takes my mouth in his. I know he can taste her on me, he shoves his tongue into my mouth, roughly opening it for him. Biting my lower lip and tugging, his hand in my hair now, while he slides the other over my hip and guides me back towards the bed. I bump against it with my ass and wince at the pain of it brushing against my tender, bruised skin.

Pulling on my leash he leads me, turning my body, controlling my every move, he owns me now and I let him show me how he wants to be pleased. Master sits on the edge of the bed in front of me and tugs my leash again, wordlessly I look into his eyes, and he grins at me. A wolfish look on his face as he lifts me easily onto his lap. I straddle his hips and his length brushes against my pussy, I moan. Please, Master.

I want so badly to beg him, plead with him, but I do as I’ve been told and keep my mouth shut. Remaining silent in my desperate need. Slowly he reaches between us, taking hold of his cock and rubs the tip of it through my slit. I toss my head back and moan, he pulls on my leash, forcing me to look forward into his eyes again.

“I want to see your face when I fuck you, Kitten,” the word fuck on his lips sends a shiver through me and I nod to him.

“Yes, Master,”

“Good girl,” he smiles, “I knew you would learn quickly.”

He continues to tease me with his cock and I notice that he turns his attention briefly to Nikki and nods, she rises from the bed and disappears into the darkness on the other side of the room. I pay her little mind as I feel him slowly pushing into my entrance, spreading me, stretching me.

I gasp.

“Easy. Relax and you can take me, Kitten,” Master tells me as he reaches up and runs his fingers over my jaw, then down to my breasts he gropes one and then the other. Taking my nipple between his fingers, he pinches and twists hard. I cry out and just when I’m distracted by the pain, he pulls my hips down, impaling me on him.

The stinging sensation of my ass hitting his thighs and being stretched so far brings unshed tears to my eyes. He stills, meeting my gaze and the unspoken question hangs in the air between us. I nod, once. Master takes hold of both of my hips then and lifts me up off of him, dropping me down and letting me impale myself on him. Again and again, slowly he works into me, until I can feel him at the entrance of my womb.

The unfamiliar feeling of being so full is turning me inside out.

“Fuck, you're so tight, Kitten,” I tighten my muscles around him in response and lift up on my knees, eager now to ride him. He lets me guide my own pace and I start to speed up, riding my Master’s cock. The thrill of my reward shoots through me, when he pulls my leash and I fall forward onto him he takes his other hand in my hair and pulls my head back, exposing my neck and breasts to him.

Sucking one nipple into his mouth I feel it harden and stand erect at his attention, when he bites down on the tender skin of my breast I cry out. The pleasure-pain shoots through me to my clit and I grind myself on him with his cock buried in me. I start to ride him hard and fast, feeling his balls slap against my ass, grinding myself on him each time I bury him deep inside me.

“Oh, Kitten, you’re not trying to take what I’m not ready to give, are you?” He stills my motion. Hands take hold of my thighs and his fingertips dig into me, I know I’ll be bruised tomorrow.

My eyes widen when I meet his gaze and I see the cold look there, “No, Master. I’m sorry.” I say softly, hoping I haven’t ruined my chances.

He lifts my ass into the air, and I notice him look over my shoulder and nod once. When I feel the warm oil drip down between my cheeks I moan and my inner muscles clench down around Master still buried to the hilt inside my pussy. Then the soft touch of Nikki’s fingers at my ass catches me off guard and I flinch away. Master’s fingers dig into my thighs more, holding me still.

Slowly I feel her massaging me there, working the oil around my hole, then sliding a finger in and out. More oil runs over my back side and down into me. My eyes widen and I chew on my lower lip, wanting to speak, but unable to. I feel the tip of a dildo at me ass and I shake my head ever so slightly.

“Yes,” Master says to me, seeing my movement. Holding me tighter still down on him,


The one-word command sets her in motion, both of her hands settle onto my hips about Master's on my thighs. I’m pinned to him, and she slowly starts to slide the dildo into me. I turn, looking back over my shoulder at her now. She has a dildo in a strap-on harness, I gape at her, and she smiles at me. I turn back to Master, opening my mouth and closing it again. I don’t want to use my safeword, but this night is turning out to be full of firsts for me.

I nod my assent and I see him nod once to Nikki again. Moving forward she works the tip of the dildo into my ass. Hissing in a breath through my teeth I squeeze my eyes closed.

“Kitten,” Master’s voice brings me back to the moment and I open my eyes, looking into his “there you are. We’re going to fuck you now, you will not cum until I tell you to, understood?”

“Yes, Master,” I answer, nodding at him. My body is trembling with the anticipation and the buildup of unreleased need.

When he lifts me slowly off of his cock, Nikki pushes forward into my ass, the pressure of being so full brings tears to my eyes. Slowly they find they rhythm and then picking up their pace I’m filled beyond my limit, Nikki has the dildo all the way in my ass while Mater’s cock fills me. I squirm under their hands.

Taking one hand from my thighs, Master grabs my head and pulls me down to his mouth, kissing me hard. I moan into his mouth, letting the sensations take over my body. Yes, yes. Fuck me please!

Smack! His hand meets my ass and I squeal, the sensitive skin already punished enough for the night, stings.

“I want you to cum all over my cock while Nikki fucks your ass,” his words hang between us, and I start to come undone. Panting, my head gets light, and I see stars behind my eyelids when I close them, remembering his words I quickly open them again and look into his deep emerald eyes, letting his see me.

Master’s smile does something to my insides and when he reaches down between us and touches my clit, I buck against him.

“Master, please may I cum?” I pant, quickly. I need his answer, I won't be able to hold back.

“Cum for me, Kitten,” his words snap the thin control I had over my body, and I buck violently against him, grinding down onto his massive cock with my ass full of Nikki's dildo. He pulls on my leash and kisses me hard, I moan into his mouth, as my cum gushes out of me around him, soaking us both.

“Fuck!” he roars and bucks up into me, his hands on my thighs again pulling me down on him I can feel him twitching inside me, filling me with his cum, marking me as his. Nikki steps back and slowly slides the dildo out of my ass, I feel my hole gaping open from the abuse she put me through. Master stands, wrapping my legs around him, and turns so he can place me on the bed on my back.

“Look at how used up you are, kitten,” he watches as his cum drips out of me onto my used asshole. “Flip over and get up on your knees.”

I do as I’m told and roll over on the bed, raising myself up onto all fours. My ass presented to him, he steps forward and spreads my cheeks, examining my still gaping hole there. “Nikki,” he commands her, and she steps over, “clean my Kitten up.”

My insides tense, I know what he means, and I am eager to have her mouth on me now when I’m so sensitive. I feel her tongue on me then lapping at my clit and I buck against her, she sucks his cum from me, the same way I did her. Eating me, sucking my clit, then running her tongue from the apex of my sex up to my hole and circling it.

I’m near the verge of another orgasm when Master interrupts her “Enough, I own her orgasms, not you.” I hear him chuckle behind me and then feel his hand on my lower back as he lowers his head to mine.

“You like to be spanked, Kitten?” He asks me, and I smile thinking back to earlier in the day when we stood in the auction house.

“Yes, Master,” I answer him.

His hand comes down onto my ass and he spanks me hard, then again on the other side, rubbing each spot after he hits me, he alternates back and forth from one side to the other. Then pausing he slides his hand down between my legs and rubs my clit, bringing me to the edge.

“Are you going to cum for me?”

“Yes, Master, please,” I’m panting, lightheaded and so near the edge that I can’t think straight.

“Cum for me, Kitten” he says as he brings his other hand down onto my ass again, continuing to rub my clit. I explode, squirting this time and he chuckles, the sound of it filling the room is music to my ears.

I lay, in the large four poster bed later, still cuffed and chained to one of the posts. Master is lying next to me, softly snoring. Nikki is permitted to sleep in her own room, unchained. But I have been informed I will sleep here for the time being. I roll over and smile at him, running my fingertips gently up and down his arm. I needed to touch him, I needed to feel his skin against mine.

When he opens his eyes I jerk my hand back, “I’m sorry, Master.”

“No, your fine, Kitten. Is everything alright?” he asks as he brushes a strand of my hair behind my ear and then runs his hand over my shoulder, down my side and finally resting it on my hip. The closeness of it fills me with a joy I can’t explain.

“I was just thinking, and I wanted to touch you. Master, I need to feel you.”

Understanding, he nods and shifts, then pulls me to him, my body pushed against his. His bare skin against mine gives me the comfort I need.

“Thank you, Master,” I smile up at him.

“What were you thinking, Kitten?”

For a second, I hesitate, but decide I have nothing to lose, “I was trying to figure out how I was going to leave in a month.”

He laughs then, “Oh Kat, you’re not leaving. I’m not going to let you go back and be auctioned off to anyone else. You’re mine now.”

My smile spreads further across my face and I snuggle into his chest, resting my head on my Master’s shoulder, slowly, contentedly, I drift off to sleep.

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Tom Boyer
Tom Boyer
Jan 22, 2022

Still killin' it Miss Em! I have to admit I look forward to your writings every week! Keep up the good work my dear 😋

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