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Date Night with Sir

I'm sitting on the couch in my parents' living room shooting daggers at the back of Sir's head as he stands in the kitchen talking to my dad. We were supposed to be dropping off the kids and going home to have a night in an empty house, just us. But he has been talking about fishing for over an hour now and there are no signs of him ending this conversation.

I slide my phone out of my pocket and start scrolling through the pictures saved on it, everyone I can find, of me naked, wet, cumming, tied up, begging for him, I start sending them to his phone. One after another. These are all pictures he has requested I send him. I'll send them to him now, malicious compliance. I chuckle.

I'm blowing up his phone and I can hear it across the room one ding after another. I shoot a couple of emails too, sending scenes I have journaled to him, mixing up the notifications. Then his phone goes silent and I know he turned the sound off. I'm still glaring at the back of his head when 20 minutes later, after not once turning to acknowledge my barrage of messages and pictures, he turns and says "Are you ready to go Emmy?" The use of my full name in front of a room full of family would mean nothing to anyone else in the room. But coming from his lips now I know what it means and I'm instantly thrown into sub space.

I jump up, say goodbye, wave to my parents and follow him out the front door. Once we reach the truck, he opens the door for me and I climb in, he smacks me on the ass as I climb and I giggle as he closes the door. Once I'm buckled, he opens the driver side door and climbs in, but then, he reaches across and lifts the center console opening up the middle seat of the bench. "Over here." He says as he pats the middle seat with his hand. Not once in the time we have owned this truck has anyone ever sat in the middle of the front bench seat. I raise my eyebrows in question, but reach down and unbuckle my seat belt. Sliding over and buckling into the middle seat.

He puts the truck in drive and after we are out of the neighborhood onto the main highway I start to relax and slowly exhale a breath I didn't realize I'd been holding. "You like to be a tease?" He asks, not looking at me. "I didn't me-" I breathe.

"Stop." He says cutting me off before I finish my sentence. "You did mean to. You were tired of waiting and thought you would rush me and tease me with all of those messages." It's not a question, he is making a statement and it's true so I don't respond.

I notice him changing lanes and slowing the truck down noticeably, I glance up but see that we are doing 55 MPH, the speed limit, again this is a first for this truck. I'm not sure where this is going but I can tell it's not going to end how I had hoped. "Unbutton your pants." Sir commands and I quickly do as I'm told, a little excited now, maybe it will end how I hoped after all. He removes his right hand from the steering wheel and slides it down the front of my pants quickly finding my clit and rubbing circles around it with his fingers. I tilt my head back and close my eyes, but open them again when I hear him say "I can be a tease too." I turn and look at him, realization dawning just as he gives his next instruction "You will not cum on the seat of my truck" he growls. I'm still looking at him and then I glance back down at the speedometer, 55 mph. This man has never driven the speed limit in the 9 years I've known him, he is planning on making what should be a 15-minute trip take as long as possible.

I inhale sharply when he pinches my clit. Fuck! He goes back to rubbing my clit in fast little circles as he drives down the road paying no other attention to me. I moan and throw my head back and he picks up the pace with his fingers, expertly bringing me right to the edge.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I cry, and I can hear Sir laugh next to me. My eyes squeezed closed trying to focus and slow down my breathing. Don't cum. I think, over and over. It's my benediction.

"What's wrong Lady?" He asks, but doesn't let up on rubbing my clit over and over, he keeps with the beat of the music on the radio, slower then faster. I glance at him and then past him out the window, we still have a couple miles to go before we turn off the highway towards home.

"Please, Sir." I pant, "I can't". I'm going to cum, I'm going to explode and cum all over myself and it's going to get onto the fabric seat of Sir's truck.

"No." He says low and clear "You will not cum, you wanted to tease me and you're going to be punished for it".

"This isn't even teasing!" I burst out. I know I shouldn't but maybe if I start getting mad and yell, I can distract myself and keep from cumming. Sir is laughing at me now as I squeeze my eyes closed, he hasn't let up on my clit once and I'm lightheaded. My muscles are tense and sore and I'm almost about to lose control, I can't stop from cumming if he doesn't stop soon.

I can feel us turn and slow as we finally pull into the driveway then he slides his hand out of the front of my jeans and puts the truck in park. I take slow deep breaths, and steady myself. I did it, and I smile, proud I was able to keep control. Sir helps me climb down out of the driver side of the truck and follows me into the house, his hand on my lower back.

We reach the living room and he stops me, "Strip." He commands and walks out of the room up the stairs. I start with my shoes and quickly take my clothes off. I'm standing in the middle of the living room naked. My pussy is so wet it's running down my thighs. I need to cum, maybe this was a tease I start to think just as Sir comes back down the stairs with a pile in his hand, he tosses it into the couch and walks over to me turning my back to the couch and making me face him. Then he walks out of the room to the bar height breakfast table and brings over one of the tall chairs. Placing it in the middle of the room right next to the coffee table.

I'm not sure what he is about to do, but the thrill of it has me getting even more wet. I wait for my next instructions and watch as he positions his chair just right. He disappears behind me to retrieve items from the couch, when he walks back around to me, he has nipple clamps attached to a chain in his hand, slowly he starts to pinch and twist my left nipple until it's pink, hard and standing up for him, he slides the clamp on and tightens it, then does the same with the right. Tugging gently on the chain between them, my knees buckle and I catch myself on the chair. "Good" he chuckles as he walks back to the couch. "Turn around and bend over the chair." He says from behind me and I risk glancing at the pile on the couch as I do what I'm told. In addition to a dildo with a large suction cup on the end I see a length of rope.

Positioning himself behind me, Sir slides his hand up the cleft of my wet pussy and I hear him take a deep breath when he sees how wet and ready I am. Then I can feel him massaging my own juices into my asshole, small circles preparing me there. God yes, I want him to slide his cock into my ass. I hear a buzz and realize he has other things in his hands I hadn’t seen on the couch.

I can feel him starting to work the vibrating butt plug into my ass now and tilt my head back moaning. Once he has the plug in, he pulls my shoulder back until I'm standing again, then takes my hand and leads me to the coffee table next to the chair. "Onto the table, on your knees, face the chair." His instructions are simple and he helps me get into place, then makes adjustments to my position, I rest my hands on my thighs while he moves my feet, getting me up off of my heels, then he walks back around my front and slowly spreads my knees apart almost as wide as they can go in this position. I'm balanced above the table and presented to him, but I can't move or I'll lose my balance and fall forward, I steady myself with my hands on the chair.

Sir, moves back to the other side of the table and I assume he is going to grab the rope, when he says "Hands." I put my hands behind my back and am surprised by the cold metal and then the clicking sound of his handcuffs closing around my wrists. The clicking of him tightening them so I can’t slip out sends pulses through my pussy as the butt plug gently pulses in my ass rhythmically.

I look up as he steps back to my side of the table. In one hand he has the dildo, in the other he has lube, gently he coats the dildo and then closes the bottle and tosses it to the couch behind me. Then he takes the dildo and reaches down between my legs, parts the lips of my wet pussy and slowly slides it into me. I clench the walls of my pussy down on it trying to get him to drive it deeper into me, faster, harder. But he stops, just under half of the dildo is in my soaking wet pussy when he plants the suction cup on the end of it down onto the table under me.

Tugging on the chain between my nipples again as he pulls a blindfold out of his pocket. He is just full of tricks tonight, what else is he hiding? I wonder as he places the blindfold over my eyes and ties it behind my head. Then he is gone, I don’t hear him moving, I can’t see him, all i can feel is the gently pulsing of the vibrations in my asshole and the tediously unsatisfying length of dildo in my pussy as I sit perched on top of it unable to slid it any further into me.

I hear the magnetic click of the entertainment center cabinet doors close, and the whirl of a fan kicking on, then the TV. What is he doing? I wonder again, just as I hear him moving the chair to position it in front of me and taking a seat, he tugs gently on the chain at my chest again. “Yes, Sir.” I purr softly, with as much longing as I can in my voice. “Shhhh.” he places his finger on my lips “I’m trying to play my game. You’re going to need to be quiet.”

That’s when I realize that he is going to be a tease, he is planning to make me sit here wanting to cum after he got me so close, so many times on the drive home but now I’m just on the edge of it building up but I physically cannot get myself any further down on this dildo and the steady humming in my ass is not enough on its own. I smile, Well played I think, this won't last long, I can take this.

As time ticks away my legs are aching, I can feel my pussy clench over and over again around the tip of the dildo inside me as I try to make myself cum. Every once in a while, Sir reaches over and tugs on the chain between my nipples, but it is still not enough. I still can’t cum. I sigh loudly and hear him chuckle. “You wanted to be a cock tease Emmy, you’re the one who started this game" he finishes with a firm slap on my clit and I cry out.

“Yes! Please Sir!”

“No. Be quiet, the next round is starting” he says as he starts to play his game again. By the time I hear him stand up and turn the TV off I have no idea how long I’ve been kneeling on the coffee table next to him, my legs are shaking and I am on the verge of crying with frustration at not being able to inch a bit further onto the dildo below me.

I feel Sir’s hands on my hips and slowly I’m lifted off of the table, leaving the dreaded cock I was unable to successfully ride behind. Placing me on the couch he helps me up onto my knees, hands still cuffed behind my back and still blindfolded, I’m left waiting to see what he is planning next. SMACK! His hand comes down hard on my ass and I almost cum instantly from the impact. Again, SMACK! And again, SMACK! Sir spanks me over and over again as I cry out, “Please, Sir make me cum!”

He stops and I can hear the sound of clothes as I assume he is removing his pants. I feel his weight behind me on the couch now as he places a hand between my shoulder blades and pushes my chest down over the arm of the couch, ass in the air. “This is my pussy” he growls in my ear as he slides the head of his dick up and down my wet lips. “God, I love how wet you get for me. You want me to fuck me don’t you, you little cock tease?”

“Mmmmmm, yes Sir.” I reply, pushing my ass back onto him, trying to ease him into me. I hear him chuckle as he keeps rubbing my clit with the head of his dick, the motion building me closer and closer to orgasm. “Tell me.” He commands. Without hesitation I respond “I want you in my pussy, please Sir. I want to feel your big hard cock inside my tight wet pussy, I want to cum all over you, I want to feel it running down my thighs as you fuck me hard making me cum over and over again Sir. Please!” I whine at the end begging in my tone now.

“You think that when I was getting all of your pictures earlier, I didn’t want to be buried deep in this tight wet pussy?” he asks, emphasizing the last three words by smacking my clit softly with his dick. “You did, Sir.” I answer, I know he did. “But I couldn’t take you and fuck you like I wanted, so why should I give a tease like you what you want now?” his response makes me freeze. What? I’m still not going to get to have him fill me? He stops teasing my clit and I can feel him tugging on the plug in my ass, I hear it pop as he gives it one more firm tug and it comes free. I feel empty now, left wanting more, wanting him to ram his cock into my waiting pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you like the little whore you are," he tells me as he slides the head of his cock up my pussy again, stopping at my ass and pushing just the tip of his cock in slowly, “Yes, I love your tight little ass. You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” He prompts, knowing the answer. He is slowly inching the head of his hard cock in and out of my ass, just as I start to answer him, I can feel the rim of him push through into my asshole.

“Yessss” I hiss out on an exhaled breath.

“Tell me what you want,” he commands again as he inches into me slowly. The amazing fullness of having him in my ass is making me pant, I can’t focus on answering him. He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back as he says, “tell me what you want. Say you want me to fuck you. Beg me like the whore you are.”

He is almost all the way into my ass now, I’m stretched to the brink and I can feel how hard he is, ready to fuck my hole. “Please, fuck me Sir. I want you to fuck my ass, I want you to make me cum like the little whore I am. Fuck me! Please! FUCK ME!” I’m shouting as I grind myself back onto him, every inch of his hard cock filling me now.

Sir reaches around and starts to slowly rub my clit with one hand, the other still twisted in my hair pulling me back onto him, letting me bounce my ass on his cock. “Fuck.” he says under his breath, “You’re going to make me cum in your tight little ass you filthy slut. Cum for me Emmy” he lets go of my hair and wraps his hand around my neck and pins me down to the arm of the couch as he drives in and out of my ass, harder and harder with each thrust. “Cum now.” He roars as I scream, “Yes, scream for me.” I can hear the smile in his voice as my orgasm takes over and shoots through my entire body.

“I’m going to cum for you, baby.” he says just as I feel his cock swell and I can feel his hot cum in my tight ass. "Good girl," he purrs in my ear as he reaches to release my wrists.

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