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Clean Up After Yourself

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

“Don’t you fucking cum!” Sir growls in my ear, his hand is twisted in my hair, the other holding my hip, his fingers digging into my skin. The delicious burn of the pleasure pain from having his strong hands on me is pushing me over the edge. I’m so wet, I’ve been wet all day thinking about him. The underwear Sir picked out this morning for me to wear are shoved into my mouth, when he found me in our bedroom changing out of my scrubs, he reached around me and shoved his hand down the front of my panties he found them soaking wet. “Did you think about me today lady?” he asked, as he slowly slid them off of me and tightly fisted them into a ball. I squeeze my eyes closed now, thinking about that moment when he found me wet and ready for him the moment he walked in the door. I focus on that moment, focus on the pots I have sitting out on the stove waiting for me to come cook dinner, I listen closely to the TV downstairs, anything to distract me from the desire to cum on Sir’s cock. “Please Sir!” I cry out and quickly bite my lip. Our boys are home, shit! I need to get myself under control. “Sir, I need to cum, may I?” I pant out the words, I’m losing the battle quickly. “No, I want you to cum on my cock, but not now, later after dinner we will play and then you can cum for me. Right now, I want to fuck your wet pussy hard and fast, you can wait. I know you can.” His hand moves from my hip up my back around my neck and as his fingertips graze my jaw I tense, he puts just enough pressure on the side of my neck and I start to float, just on the edge now I pound myself back onto Sir’s hard cock, my juices are running down my thighs. Suddenly without thought I tighten around him and the feeling explodes inside me, silver stars swim in my vision and I feel myself squirt onto the bench I’m kneeling on. I freeze. “Did you just cum?” Sir asks in a low steady tone. I try to nod but realize he still has his hand twisted into my curls.

“Yes Sir” I said softly, but not too quietly, I know I’m in trouble now and making him ask me twice will once mean a worse punishment later. Sir steps back and I feel empty without him inside my wet throbbing hole, I need him inside me again and I whimper at the feeling, hoping he will take pity on me and keep fucking me now. “Stand” he keeps his hand in my hair in place as I stand, and with the other he points to the bench “Did you do that?” Sir asks. On the black vinal of the bench at the end of our bed there is a puddle of my cum, I bite my lip “Yes Sir,” I answer, eyes downcast. What isn’t on the bench is running down my thighs and I see Sir’s cock glistening in the light, there is white cream from my wet pussy at the base and I lick my lips. With as much pleading as I can put into my eyes, I raise them and meet his gaze. “Please Sir, let me clean you up.” I ask him, biting my lip again, I love sucking my cum from his cock. The taste we make when we mix together gets me so worked up, I devour him. I can feel the cum running down my thighs more now just thinking about cleaning Sir with my mouth. “No. You’re going to clean up your mess, but you’re not going to enjoy it the way you think. Kneel.” Sir gives me the instruction as he uses the hand in my hair to gently apply pressure as I lower myself to my knees next to him. I try to turn towards him, but pulling my head the other way he leads my face to the bench. “Hands behind your back, clasp your wrists, mouth only, clean up your mess. You did not have permission to cum. I’m not going to clean up the mess you made you dirty slut, you are.” I hesitate, this is a first and I’m unsure. I feel the pressure of Sir’s hand on the back of my neck as he bends down “Lick up your cum you filthy little whore,” he whispers in my ear. Fuck! Really? I think. Slowly I stick my tongue out and lap up the puddle on the bench, sucking as I do. “I don’t want to see one drop left when I come back,” he straightens next to me and watches me work on cleaning up the mess I’ve made, then turns and leaves the room. Shit! I’m so fucking wet. As I lick up my own cum I grind my pussy on my thighs, hoping I can get a bit more out of this night before Sir returns. Enjoying myself and lapping at my own cum, savoring the taste I’m on the verge of cumming again when I feel the crop come down on my ass, I yelp. I was so engrossed in my endeavor that I didn’t notice him return to the room and find me wantonly grinding on myself. “Sir.” I cry out now in surprise when I see him standing there. “Really?” he asks, pointing at me with the crop. Nodding, I simply say “Yes Sir.” I know I can't deny it. “Stand.” I follow his instruction and stand, my hands still clasped behind my back. “You missed a spot” he points to the bench with the crop and I bend at the waist to lick it up. Sir places his hand between my shoulders and adjusts me, pinning my chest to the bench. “Count” “One.” I say as the crop comes down on my pussy. “Two” I squeeze my eyes closed tightly trying to remain quiet as the next three strikes come down in hard fast succession. “Five” I whisper quietly and steady my breath. Sir’s arms are wrapped around me then and he is guiding my hands up around his neck. Kissing my cheeks, the tip of my nose, my forehead. “Time to go make dinner, love.” I nod, smiling softly at him.

“Will we finish playing later?” I ask quietly, hoping he will bring me back here later and keep fucking me, maybe I can earn another spanking throughout the night. “Mmmm-hmmm.” Sir says, “you have to promise to be a Good Girl, even though you’re my dirty little slut.” He chuckles, closing his mouth over mine. I laugh into his mouth and get lost in our kiss.

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