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The hair on the back of my neck stands on end as I make my way down the dark road between the neighbor's house and mine. I can’t see the porch lights yet and the light of hers have faded to dim pin pricks behind me. Swallowed by the complete darkness, the stars and moon are hidden behind clouds and offering me no help as I pick up my pace, just hoping to see the lights of my porch through the trees.

I should have had Sir come get me, even though it is only the length of her driveway, the dark night the surrounding trees and the eerie silence have me on edge. A stick snaps, I jump and turn to look behind me, but I don’t see anything, when I turn back around, I freeze. Standing in front of me is a dark hooded figure.

I can tell from the height and build that it is a man, he nods, and I quickly look over my shoulder as I hear footsteps behind me. There are two of them. Fuck fuck fuck! Why am I not screaming? Sir can hear me from here. Why am I not running? I’m feet from my own yard. But I can’t move. I stand frozen in utter terror. My fingers are numb and the buzzing in my ears is turning to a roar. Just as the flight part of my brain kicks in and I shift my feet I feel arms wrap around me from behind. I turn into a wild animal, kicking and screaming I try to fight my unseen assailant off of me as the other takes slow determined steps towards me and places his hand over my mouth.

“Shut up bitch,” the one behind me say, with his arms around my body he pins my arms to my sides, “hurry up and gag her!”

The hand over my mouth is moved and I make an attempt to bite at him, snarling like a dog backed into a corner. My feet are off the ground and I’m helpless, the strength of the man holding me is astonishing. A cloth is shoved into my mouth, and he places a piece of tape over top of it. Then smacks me hard across the face, I blink back tears. These men will not defeat me. I will not give in to them or show them any weakness. I snarl at him again and flare my nostrils. He laughs just as he places a bag over my head, and I lose all sense of where I am.

My ankles are taken ahold of, and I’m toted off into the night unable to scream for Sir or my friend. Just between our two homes where it was darkest, they grabbed me and now I have no idea what awaits me.

I’m in the back of a truck, or maybe a van, there is carpet under me, and I can hear the two men’s voices every so often between songs on the radio. My hands are behind my back, taped together around the wrists, the same with my ankles. I try to shift the hood over my head, but it is no use. Finally, after what seems like hours, I fall asleep.

When I come to, I’m being carried over the shoulder of one man, hanging upside down with the blood rushing to my head. I gasp for air as I start to panic. This is it. This is where I find out what they’re going to do to me. I’m tossed backwards onto a bed, and I can feel it bounce under my weight.

“I’ve been waiting for this” a voice in the room says I lift my head and try to shift and as small pin pricks of light shine through the hood. “I’ve been watching you and couldn’t wait to have you any longer.” The man says this time from the other side of the room. He is moving around. I can hear things shifting or being placed on a table.

“Blindfold her,” he says. I’m confused by this because I am blindfolded. Who is he talking to, are both men here? The hood is ripped off of my head and the bright light hurts my eyes, in the few seconds I have I can see that I’m in a basement. A soft blindfold is placed over my eyes and tied behind my head then the tape is ripped from my mouth and I cry out with the pain. My cheeks burn as I spit and fight to get the piece of fabric out of my mouth. “I’ll help you with that my dear,” the man says as he pulls it from my mouth “there, is that better?” he asks.

“Fuck you!” I burst out, showing my teeth, hoping he knows I’ll use them if he comes near me.

“Oh, you’re full of fire, good. I’ll have fun beating that out of you,” he snarls at me. My cheeks sting and I can feel the flush spreading over my chest and ears. “Strip her.” I try to kick him away, but I can’t see, as hands come down on my shoulders pinning my back to the mattress. I feel the cold metal of scissors cutting my clothes from me and tears prick my eyes, the stinging sensation behind them telling me I won't be able to hold back my tears for much longer.

The cold air of the basement gives me goosebumps as I’m slowly stripped naked for these men to see, and tears finally start to roll down my face. “Don’t worry, sweet thing, we’re going to have fun. I’m going to lay down some ground rules for you, and you’re going to answer accordingly, do you understand?” I swallow my response and stay silent. “Put her on her knees.”

Rough hands grab me by the biceps and stands me up off of the mattress then my knees hit the cold concrete floor, the pain from the force of it reverberates through me. “I’m going to say it again, rule number two is you speak when spoken to, do you understand?” he asks me again. I nod and receive hard smack comes across my cheek in response to my not answering.

“Yes,” I spit.

“Yes, what?” he prompts. No, I think to myself. I won’t do it. He is not Sir. I refuse to give him that title.

“That is rule number one, you will call me Master. Understood?” he asks, his voice is steady and calm, not a bit of annoyance in it. The calmness scares me more than if he were angry and yelling at me.

“Yes, Master,” I say under my breath, not wanting to say it loud enough to even be heard, the taste of the word in my mouth fills my throat with bile.

“Good enough for now,” he says “let’s recap. You will call me Master; you will speak when spoken to and only when spoken to and you will do as you are told. Do you understand?” He finishes and grabs a hold of my chin tilting my face up to him, I can’t see but I know he is standing in front of me. I jerk my chin away from his hand, the feeling of his fingers tips on my skins sends shivers through me.

“Yes, Master,” I spit the second word as it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

“Good Girl. Now you’re going to take what I give you and you’re going to enjoy it. Open your mouth,” he instructs me with a confidence I know damn well he shouldn’t feel. Doing as I’m told I smile softly, anything he puts near my mouth I plan to bite off. I feel hard metal against my teeth and tongue and fight to shift backwards away from him as he shoves the ring of the open mouth gag between my teeth.

“Do you think I’m stupid sweetheart? You don’t think I would trust you to actually have my cock in your mouth, do you?” he is asking while he buckles it tightly behind my head and my mouth is held open for him to use.


The one-word command catches me off guard and I’m not sure what to do, but a pair of hands on my shoulders pushes me forwards to the floor, my ass in the air I’m open and exposed to these men. Still unsure how many there are. Two or three. I can’t tell. I jump as I feel cold lube squeezed onto me and slowly the tip of what feels like a dildo is worked into my pussy. It's stretching me open and the pain as it pushes my inner muscles open makes tears run down my face again, the massive thing stretches me to my limit.

“Good, get you nice and ready for me.” I hear tape as he is speaking and then my thighs are being taped together, holding the huge thing in place, still not all the way inside me.

“Up,” he says roughly.

I’m jerked back up to my knees and I gasp, the feeling of fullness as I sink down onto the dildo is incredible and a little thrill shoots through me unexpectedly. I’ve never been stretched so tight or so full of anything. A hand grabs the back of my head and pulls me forward, I almost lose my balance and jerk against the tape at my wrists instinctively trying to use my hands to catch myself, but he is holding me up by my hair. When he shoves his cock into my open mouth I gag and sputter, trying to breath around the girth of him, he hits the back of my tongue and I gag again.

“That’s right choke on my cock I’m going to fuck your face while you grind on that dildo in your pussy. Then, I’m going to fuck you."

Tears are running down my face in earnest now, but the sensations inside of me are taking over. Shame is one of them as I grind down on the dildo inside my pussy, pushing it further into me with my heels. I’m face fucked by my unknown assailant.

“You are a dirty slut, aren’t you? Keep grinding on it. Don’t you cum. Do you understand?” he stops for a second and pulls back from me. I nod in response.

“Good Girl” he says just as he pounds into my mouth again, his pelvis pressed against my nose, the whole length of him shoved down my throat. I struggle for breath, but don't stop grinding myself on the dildo. His words, the sensation of being stretched so tight and filled so fully while I grind down on it all build inside me and I can feel myself wanting this, wanting more of this so I can cum.

He takes my head in both hands then and fucks my face hard and fast. I can hardly breathe and I’m lightheaded. When I feel him tighten and buck inside my mouth, he pulls back and I can feel hot streams of cum hit my cheeks, my chin, my breasts.

“That’s right, you’re mine now bitch. Look at you covered in my cum like a dirty little cum slut. Lick it up,” he takes his fingers and runs them across my breasts, scooping up his cum and shoving them into my mouth, making me lick it from them.

When my entire face, neck and chest are clean he says, “Good Girl. Now I’m going to fuck your sweet wet little pussy,” he pauses as he reaches behind my head and unbuckles the gag “look at how wet and ready you are. You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” I can feel my juices running down my thighs and know he can see me covered in my own arousal.

I nod, ashamed that I actually do, but I don’t say it. I can’t. Smack! A hand comes across my face, and I cry out

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he prompts again.

“Yes, Master,” I cry.

I'm shoved from behind and I fall forward onto my chest, the wind gets knocked out of me for a moment. I feel hands on my hips lifting me up and positioning me onto my knees. My cheek on the cold concrete floor, hands still tied behind my back. I’m cold and on fire at the same time. I flinch when I feel him touch me.

“Look at how wet she is, she wants to be fucked like a dirty whore. Beg me for it, sweet thing,” he says as he slides the head of his cock up and down me, I’m still stretched open by his massive dildo and I can feel my want dripping down my legs, he is coating himself with it. When he stops for a moment and pushes the dildo further into me. I moan unwillingly.

“Beg me,” he growls.

I freeze, it is only then that I realize that the voice is still coming from in front of me, and that the man behind me cannot be the one speaking. I shake my head side to side, not telling him no, but simply trying to clear away my confusion at what is going on here. I thought the one fucking me was the one giving me instructions but clearly, I am wrong.

“What’s wrong baby? I thought you wanted me to fuck you. Beg your Master for his cock,” his voice this time is more to my side and I’m positive they are two different men. The cock being rubbed through my folds is back and he is slowly pushing into my asshole. I tense, already so full I can’t think. The pain as I’m stretched around him with the dildo still inside my pussy burns me. A hand finds my clit and expert fingers rub me there. I whimper, and push back against him, trying to work more of his length into my tight hole.

My need taking over again, “Fuck me Master. Please. I need you to fuck me,” I hear two sets of voices chuckle then and my blindfold is ripped off just as the cock toying with my rosebud is pounded forward into me and I scream out in pain and surprise. I blink in the bright basement lights and looking up I see Sir’s best friend, the best man in our wedding, he winks at me, turns and leaves the room.

“Good girl,” Sir purrs in my ear from behind me “you’re so fucking tight with this dildo in your pussy, you want me to rub your clit while I fuck your ass?”

I push back against him, and whimper at feeling his full length nearly inside me, “Shh baby relax around me, take me. Let me fuck you,” Sir coaches me as he rubs my clit. I start rocking back onto him to take the full length of him in and I cry out.

“That’s right, scream for me baby I’m going to fuck this asshole,” Sir pulls back and pounds into me then, over and over I feel like I’m coming apart at the seams. Stretched beyond my limit with the double penetration of him and the dildo.

“I’m going to cum Sir. Please, I want to cum,” I cry

“Who am I?” Sir asks as he continues to fuck me, harder.

“Master,” I gasp “please Master, fuck me. Can I cum, make me cum please? Master?” I’m screaming by the time I get the words out, my orgasm starting to take me over I’m losing control of it.

“Cum for me,” Sir’s words shoot through me, and I explode, cum squirts onto my thighs and the floor. Sir is laughing as he cums in unison with me buried to the hilt in my ass, one hand rubbing my clit the other wrapped around my throat. “That’s my Good Girl.” Sir says as he starts to untape my hands and rubs my shoulders. Later we curl up on the bed on the floor, my head on Sir’s chest and I doze off to sleep.

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Tom Boyer
Tom Boyer
10 de dez. de 2021

Goddamn lady, way to get a man worked up! My predator predilections are in over drive.. 😈

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