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Welcome Home

"Welcome Home" was written by a friend of mine, Tom. He is an amazing writer who I love swapping stories with. I specifically requested to post this story as a bonus post for you all so I could share a piece of writing from the male dominate prospective that I truly love.


It's been a week since we've seen each other. I've been away on business but I'm finally on my way home from the airport and tonight we have plans to go out for dinner. My teeth are grinding together in anticipation of you, my knuckles white from clutching the steering wheel. The speedometer forgotten as my vision is tunneled towards the direction of you, my ultimate destination. I'm so close to seeing my baby that my brain is playing tricks on me, I have a phantom taste of you on my lips and the conceived illusion of your scent faint in my nose.

Finally pulling up to the house I can feel the bristling hairs on the back of my neck, almost vibrating with excitement. I hit the button to open the garage door, cursing out loud at it for lifting so slowly before I can pull in. My keys in hand, I'm already out of the car before the door closes behind me, heading inside, wasting no time to roll up windows or grab any of my luggage.

I walk in through the laundry room, accidentally slamming the door behind me in my rushing, impatient state of mind, alerting you that I am home.

"Where are you?" I demand in an obviously frazzled tone. My eyes darting around looking for any hint of where you might be.

"I'm in the bedroom" you yell out playfully in your sweet, sing-song voice.

I prowl slowly down the hallway, expecting that you might already be getting ready or be stuck having a hard time deciding what to wear like you usually do. I stop midstep in frame of our bedroom door when I see you, finally after so many days and you do not disappoint. You are sprawled across our bed, your pale supple skin completely bare except for the soft, heart shaped tuft on your mound, your dark hair fanned out in contrast atop the light-colored bedspread. Your knees pointing up, bent and spread wide giving me the perfect view of your glistening pink center.

I exhale deeply, running the tip of my tongue along my bottom lip. My eyes are burning intensely with desire, fixated on you, watching you stroke your thumb over your sensitive nub and slowly sinking two fingers into your opening. You pump them in and out as I can't help but watch, hypnotized by this erotic display before me. Your greedy pussy slurping hungrily around your delicate fingers as it tries to suck them in further.

"Are you just going to watch?" You ask, pulling me out of my own head. Your daring eyes staring deeply into mine, pouting your lips at me.

You increase the pace of your hand down below, your nails digging into the creamy flesh of your breast, the other bouncing freely as you rapidly fuck yourself.

"I need you inside of me! Fast and rough, it's been soo long.." you plead, biting your lip, watching me as I strip with haste.

I throw my shirt to the floor, undoing my pants and letting them fall before kicking them aside, stepping out of my socks as I walk over to the bed. Once I'm close enough you take your hand from your dripping pussy, reaching out and wrapping your wet, velvety fingers around my cock. You stroke me deliberately with a firm grip, your thumb massaging under the sensitive ridge of my head until a bead of precum forms at the tip.

I can't wait any longer. I lean over, grabbing you roughly by the hip and flip you over onto your stomach. I grab a hold of your legs, dragging your ass up to me at the edge of the bed, shifting my hands to a firm grip around your waist. I fill you roughly, impaling you against me until your plush cheeks are indented against my body. I can feel you shiver and constrict around me with a squeal, cumming immediately after being so on edge.

My palm comes down against your cheek with a stinging swat as you're riding out the subsiding waves of pleasure, forcing you to jump in surprise.

"You aren't getting off quite that easily. Not after that little performance." I snarl at you.

My hand latches onto your hip so tightly you can already feel a bruise forming beneath the skin, the other hand snaking and twisting up in your hair, pulling and lifting your upper body off the mattress, bowing your back and pushing your chest out. I continue my assault on your body, pounding into you with purpose, violent, vicious thrusts. I'm brutal and savage in my possession of you, showing no mercy even while you're sobbing through the beginning tingles of another climax.

"Little girls should know better than to play with what doesn't belong to them. This is my pussy." I slam into you aggressively, fiercely emphasizing my words as you grunt and whimper beneath me like a bitch in heat.

"Who's is it?" I demand, pulling almost completely out of you, stopping my movements while I await your response. The head of my cock throbbing just inside your entrance.

You were on the edge of yet another orgasm and the abrupt lack of physical stimulation is torture.

"Its yours Daddy! Only you get to play with it! Please! Don't stop!" You shriek woefully as you feel your impending pleasure begin fading away.

You begin rocking and thrashing your hips wildly, wriggling desperately as you try in vain to throw yourself back against me and seize my cock fully inside of you. I take a moment to revel in amusement at your torment before I begin thrusting again. It doesn't take long before you're screeching and yelping through another gushing orgasm. I see your hands squeezing the blanket beneath you in an effort to support and stabilize yourself, your toes curling tightly as your feet lift up around my legs while the backs of your heels push into my thighs and pull me closer against you.

My hand clings painfully tight to your hip as I lean over, pulling you back ruthlessly by your hair, lifting you higher off of the bed until our bodies meet. I release deep inside of you with a roar before sinking my teeth between your neck and shoulder, grunting out heaving breaths as my cock spasms as you clench your wet silk around me, the rest of my body shuddering against you while my own climax washes over me.

I pull myself out, separating from you with an audible squelching as our combined juices slide thick down your thighs. I grin, admiring our collective work, playfully slapping your ass and lingering for a squeeze, claiming you as my own before we collapse onto the bed below.

"Now get dressed. We have a reservation." I command, planting kisses on your back as I push up off the mattress.

"Hmmyessdaddy..." You fumble out faintly in a single breath, eyes still glazed over from your post-pleasure haze.

"I-I just have to decide what dress-" you begin.

"The green one." I interrupt sharply, already up, pulling a fresh shirt from my closet.

"You'll wear the green one."

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Tom Boyer
Tom Boyer
Dec 25, 2021

A pretty decent read if I say so myself, I may be a tad biased though 😋

Emmy Lou Hayes
Emmy Lou Hayes
Dec 25, 2021
Replying to

Just a tad I think 🤔

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