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RV Shopping with Sir Part 2

Forty-five minutes later I have nearly forgotten my embarrassment, we have finalized the sale of our new RV and the Finance Manager hands Sir the keys. “You two have a fantastic day,” he says to Sir, but he turns to me with a wink. “I hope we meet again soon,” Sir stands and turns to Cody who is standing in the doorway I see the tech who gave us the tour right behind him.

I make a move to stand and feel a hand on my shoulder, the manager has come around from behind his desk and is pushing me back down into my chair gently. I look up at him questioningly and he shakes his head ever so slightly. Quickly I jerk my head back to Sir and he, with his back to me is unaware of what has passed between us, unaware that this strange man is touching me. His hand is still resting on my shoulder, touching what is not his. Turn around Sir! I say in my head, he is too busy talking to the other two men. I let out a huge sigh of relief when he does finally turn.

A quick jerk of Sir’s head to one side in a negatory motion and the tension in his jaw tells me I am safe from the advances of the man to my left. Then he looks down at me and the fire I see in his eyes sends a shock through me.

There is no way. This cannot be happening, I think. Because what I think I just saw in Sir’s eyes is a possibility that I have never imagined, he turns quickly back to the men in the doorway. “That’s the deal,” I hear him say loudly, but I can’t hear their responses, my ears are ringing as I feel the man to my left slide both his hands across my shoulders and brush his thumbs across my jaw line. I freeze. No, he wouldn’t.

“Wait,” I croak out the word as I see Sir take a step through the doorway, his back still to me. He stops and crosses his arms over his chest as the two men enter the office, the tech closes and locks the door behind them. That’s when it happens, as the room starts to spin, I lose my vision, I think for a moment I may have gone blind with fear, but I feel hands at the back of my head and know that I am being blindfolded. A rough callused hand takes a hold of my jaw and turns my head to the side. I can’t tell whose hands are on me, or at this point how many of them are even left in the room.

“Listen here bitch,” a gruff voice whispers in my ear, the sweet smell of peppermint fills my nose, “the deal is, we get one hour with you while your husband waits outside, but if at any time he can hear you say what he says is your safeword then we are done here. Do you understand?” Before he finishes asking me, I feel hands under my arms, lifting me out of the chair. I can only nod, I can’t speak, I can't find my voice.

A safeword? Sir and I don’t have a safeword, we never have. We have been together for 10 years, he knows me. He knows my body. He tells me when I have had enough and I have never reached that point before he has made me stop. There was one time, but he knew, he knew instantly and he stopped. We don’t have a safeword, what the fuck!

Hands cover my body, two, three sets. I can hear them whispering amongst themselves as I hear things shifting around the room and the desk being cleared. I’m unsure, I don’t know what is happening in the tiny room without my vision and my brain is too muddled with fear to make sense of the sounds I am hearing.

“I get to go first,” one of them says and I hear a belt clearing loops as it is pulled free from his pants, “don’t worry, I won’t ruin her for you guys.” A hand is on my hip then grabbing me roughly, fingers digging into my skin, I’m pushed forwards and my thighs bang against the desk, I hear chairs being shoved out of the way as another hand finds the center of my back between my shoulder blades and shoves down on me. He is bending me over the desk. “God look at that ass, let's get a better look at it,” I hear another man say from further away, I don’t think he is the one directly behind me. Hands grab my gray leggings and roughly they're jerked from my body. “Shit, look at how wet and ready she is, she wants to be fucked, like a whore, he was right.”

Fingers slide up my pussy and spread my lips, exposing me to these men. I feel hands reach around from the other side of the desk and grab my ass cheeks, spreading them open for them to see me. I hear a zipper and the sound snaps me out of it. As if I’m coming out of a fog, I realize what is about to happen and shout, “No!” as I slam my hands down, “get the fuck off of my you pigs!”

“Oh, there she is, we have a wild one, boys!” the one holding my ass says, letting go of me for an only instant he grabs my wrists and jerks, hard, pulling my hands out from under me. I fall forwards onto the desk and the air gets knocked out of me. I feel a second set of hands on me and the muscular legs of the man behind me pushing into me as he reaches across my body, his thighs pushing the back of mine against the desk so I am pinned by his body weight.

“Tie her hands,” someone says, and I turn into a wild animal, snarling and screaming trying to kick with everything I have, I can’t get the one behind me off of me. I can’t budge him, who the fuck is he, the manager, Cody, the tech? Shit!

My biceps are taken into rough callused hands and jerked behind me, I hear duct tape being ripped and then feel it around my wrist, sticky and pulling the skin. My wrists are taped together, my arms behind my back, still pinned to the desk by the one man behind me. I squeeze my eyes closed tightly as tears slide out from under the blindfold.

“We’re running out of time boys, this is bullshit, I’m tired of waiting, open your mouth you dirty slut,” my scalp stings as a hand is wrapped into my hair and my face is lifted up off of the desk.

“Slide her over here,” I feel hands on my hips and for a moment the pressure on my thighs is released as I’m slid to the right down the desk, my face hanging off the edge now. “I said, open it sweet thing,” he whispers in my ear and I can smell the peppermint on his breath, this one is the manger, this is the one who had the balls to put his hands on me in front of Sir. Sir! Shit he is just outside the door. I open my mouth to call out his name and suddenly a cock is shoved into it, I gasp. I’m choking on him before I even realize what is actually happening.

With a hand still in my hair the manager has taken my mouth over and pounds his cock into my throat, I can taste the precum on him already, the man won't last long at this punishing pace. I cough and drool runs down my chin. I’m trying to focus on breathing through my nose when I feel it. The man behind me has his hands still on my hips, he starts to slide one down my ass and into the crack, spreading me, twilling a finger in my asshole he pushes, testing me there.

“Mmmmm” I hear a low growl come from him.

“What was the one rule?” someone asks. It sounds like the tech, he isn’t touching me, does that mean Cody is the one behind me? “We aren’t allowed to fuck her pussy. We can finger fuck her but nothing else right? But I can still fuck that fat ass,” his words make me tense under the hands of the two men using my body.

The finger at my asshole is replaced with the head of a cock and he is pushing gently into me. “Fuck, look at how tight she is,” I squirm trying to get away, the manager is still relentlessly pounding my mouth, cock hitting the back of my throat.

I’ve managed to relax enough to breath and stopped fighting him so I don’t suffocate myself on him, I feel his balls slapping against my cheek as he pounds me, “Hurry up, Mitch! Damn-it I want a turn at her mouth before I fuck that sweet ass.”

Mitch? The manager, his name is Mitch. He is close to cumming in my mouth, I can feel him tense and quicken his pace. “You better swallow it all bitch, I don’t want a drop of cum ending up on my desk,” he says just as he shoves into my throat for the last time he starts twitching. He is holding me down on him and I can feel him cumming in my mouth, distracted I don’t notice that the man behind me has shifted, I feel hot wetness on my asshole as he spits on me there and then in an instant, rams his cock into my ass.

I scream around the cock in my mouth, I’m being fucked from both ends. Bent over the desk, pinned down and stuffed. Even if I knew what the fictitious safe word was I wouldn’t be able to say it now. I feel a hand on my clit, rubbing circles over the swollen bud and my body starts to betray me, my muscles clench around the cock in my ass as I swallow the last of Mitch’s cum down, he drops my head and steps back. Another cock instantly fills the space as I gasp for air.

This one slimmer, but longer, I gag on him as he grabs my face with both of his hands and pulls me down onto him. “Shit,” the man moans as he fucks my mouth with a punishing pace, his is faster and matches the pace of the man behind me. They meet each other’s rhythm and fuck me hard. The quick circles being rubbed on my clit has me close to cumming.

I see stars as I squeeze my eyes closed and focus on trying not to cum, I’m not supposed to cum. Sir owns my orgasms, not me and certainly not these men. But I want to cum now, as they fuck me and use me. Show me that I’m nothing but a whore to be used for their pleasure it turns into a need. I need to cum.

“She is going to cum, isn’t she?” Mitch asks, “She is dripping all over the fucking floor, she likes being used.” I’m gasping for breath I can’t, I cannot cum for these men. “Fuck!” the man in my mouth says just then has he drives into me, holding me down onto him I feel as he cums into my throat, two down, one to go. Spit is running down my chin, tears are streaming down my cheeks. I’m gasping for breath as finally my mouth and throat are given a break.

A strong callused hand wraps around my neck and the cock in my ass is buried deep into me, I feel balls pounding on my clit as my asshole is abused and fucked hard, over and over. The hand on my neck starts to choke me and I gasp.

“Cum for me sweet girl.” Sir whispers in my ear and I explode. Cum squirts out of me onto the floor and I feel him tighten inside my ass, hot cum filling me. The blindfold is removed and the tiny office that was so dimly lit before seems blindingly bright, my eyes adjust to the room. As the hand is removed from my neck, I turn to look behind me and see Sir standing there, cock buried in my ass, a smile on his face. He winks at me and I exhale deeply, my entire body relaxing. I smile brightly up at him. I love this man and the games we play.

The two men standing in the corner of the room have replaced their pants and are talking amongst themselves. “We’ll uh, give you two a minute. Thank you, Mr.,” Cody says to him as they open the door and quickly leave the room.

Sir cuts my wrists free and helps me to stand, taking my face in his hands he wipes away my tears and kisses me on the forehead. “Good girl, I knew you could do it.”

I’m exhausted and sore, as Sir places me in the front seat of the truck and buckles my seatbelt. I wave a small wave out the window to Cody and Mitch as we pull out of the parking lot and head home with our new RV. Looking over at Sir I smile at him again, “Thank you, Sir” I say “I know you don’t like to share, that was fun.” I yawn, as he reaches over and rubs my thigh.

“Get some rest,” he says as I drift off to sleep for the long drive home.

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