Her Unexpected Mate Series

This series starts with The Alpha's Melody which will be released next week!

Melody and Finn are the main focus of this story, and the book can be read as a standalone or a part of the series. Melody's best friends Summer and Sam are a big part of her story, and they deserved their own. While I was writing The Alpha's Melody Summer and Sam's stories were so loud in my mind that I knew I had to make this book a series.

Summer's story is book two of the Her Unexpected Mate series and Sam's is book three. Why am I telling you all this? Well! I got news yesterday that books two and three have officially been accepted for publication and will be under contract soon. I expect that they will be released later this year.

As I said these three stories are meant to be a series, however, can each be enjoyed individually. What's next for these three? You'll be seeing more of them in books four and five! These two additional books are in the works as stories swirling around my mind and soon, I'll be putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard rather. Check back for updates and more information on the process.

The Alpha's Melody countdown is on, we have eight days until release and books will be going out to the ARC team soon!

As always, embrace your inner kink! Have a wonderful Hump Day!

~ Emmy Lou

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