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Cyber Monday

“Good Girl,” the instant message flashes on the computer screen just below the image of my breasts I sent to him moments ago.

“What next, Sir?” I type in response. I'm sitting on my hands at my computer desk. Naked from the waist up and waiting for my next command.

I have always wanted to be dominated, controlled and owned by a complete stranger. I took a leap of faith the moment I saw his message in my inbox this morning, "Send me a picture of those amazing tits."

It’s Cyber Monday after all I think to myself now.

“Tell me what you would do for me if I were there," is his reply.

I stare at his message on the screen while think and chew on my lower lip. Closing my eyes imagining having his man in my room with me. I start typing…

“I can hear the front door close behind you as you make your way into my apartment. I left it open per your instructions and I’m kneeling on the floor of my bedroom. Eyes down, hands on my thighs with my palms up and completely naked. Waiting for you.

As you enter the room I can see you black combat boots and the cuffs of your jeans. I don’t dare move to look up at you, but wait patiently for your command. The smell of you fills my nostrils and I can make out hints of sandalwood soap mixed with the heady scent of testosterone.

‘Good Girl,’ I hear your voice for the first time, deep and dominant, it shoots a thrill through me and the muscles deep inside me tense deliciously. You take a step behind me and circle me for a moment. Gently I feel pressure on the center of my back, just between my shoulder blades, as you adjust my position. I straighten and present my large breasts, making them available to you for your use.”

I send the message and wait again for his response, I can feel the slickness building between my legs at the idea of having this man, this stranger here in the room with me. I see his message come through and read the first line….

“Take your computer to your bed and strip. I want you to touch yourself for me while you read what I’m going to do to you.”

I follow his instructions and while standing I remove my pants and thong. I make my way to my bed and then slowly start reading as I slide my hand down, across my body and find the folds of my pussy already covered in my own slick juices, ready to be used. Then I start reading the rest of his message...

“I am still standing behind you when I tell you to stand and you slowly rise to your feet, like a good obedient slave. The moment you’re standing fully I take your hair in my hand and jerk your head back, turning you, exposing your breasts to me.

As I take one roughly in my hand, you cry out and I laugh. I know you’re helpless against me now. I bring my mouth down over yours and the need in your eyes tells me you’re ready to do whatever I ask of you.

I release you from my punishing kiss and push you forward towards the bed, my hand still twisted in your hair. As you reach the edge of the bed you stumble forward and land on it with a huff, immediately you’re climbing up to your knees and exposing yourself to me. I laugh again at your eagerness, like a bitch in heat ready for my taking.

A crack explodes through the room as my hand meets the perfectly pale skin of your rounded ass and in an instant it begins to turn pink.

‘Thank you, Sir,’ you cry out softly and I know I’ve caught you off guard. Bringing my hand down onto you again I punish your ass with my spanking over and over until your panting and I can see the glistening wetness of your pussy ready for me to claim as my own.

Unzipping my pants I step behind you and slowly, gently, I rub small circles over your reddened skin. The warmness of it makes me smile, I know you’ll remember me tomorrow when you can’t sit without the sting reminding you of my hands on you.

Forcibly I slam my hard cock home into your tight pussy and you cry out. Your moan filling the room as I fill you completely. I don’t let up and continue you roughly fucking you, hard and fast using you for my own pleasure. I can feel your muscles tense around me as you get closer to your orgasm.

My need to fill you fogs my mind and I refuse to slow. I hear you cry out as you tighten around my cock again and the feeling of your hot cum coats me. My resolve snaps, I toss my head back and ram forward into you one last time filling your soaking pussy with my seed.

“Don’t move,” I command as I step back and watch my cum slowly drip out of you, mixed with yours. You’re panting, I can tell you're fighting the urge to collapse onto the bed. I zip my pants as I turn and leave you used and alone in your room.

When I reach the front door, I lock it behind me as I go and head out into the night.”

I finish reading his words and I pick up the pace of my fingers on myself. Rubbing small circles over my clit, imagining having this stranger here inside me. When I cum I see stars behind my eyes.

I am smiling as I stand from my bed to return my computer to the desk in the corner. When I hear the latch click open on the front door I freeze for a moment, slowly I cross the room and drop to my knees, kneeling next to the door, I wait.

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