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Christmas Collar

Opening my eyes, I can see the sunlight coming through the crack in the curtains, a small box lays on the nightstand next to me. I smile, Sir got me a gift. My insides clench as I wonder what awaits me. Rolling over I smile when I see him, awake next to me and waiting.

“Good morning love,” he greets me with a gentle kiss on my lips and I slide my body over to him, pressing myself down the length of his body.

“Good morning, can I open it?” I ask eagerly.

“Of course,” he leans up onto his elbow and reaches across the bed to the box on my nightstand and presents me with it, “for you.”

I smile from ear to ear, as I sit up and grab the box in my hands, folding my legs under me on the bed.

“What is it!?” I bounce up and down, both eager to see what is inside and savoring the surprise.

“Open it and see,” he reaches over and pulls at the tail of the bow tied in a deep blue ribbon on top of the box.

As the ribbon falls away and I lift the lid I am greeted by the sight of a beautiful black and sapphire blue collar. Braided leather wraps around an O-ring on the front and a silver buckle on the back, blue ribbon is interlaced into the leather braid. I softly rub my fingers across the supple leather and look up at Sir sitting next to me. A huge smile on his face makes me smile back at him.

“Really?” I ask, as unshed tears fill my eyes. He nods in response, I turn to face him and hold the box out for him to take the collar.

Gently he lifts it from the box, and I trail my fingers over it again, lost in the beauty of the thing. So thrilled at what is about to happen, a small flutter builds in my stomach and spreads through my body. Sir is going to collar me. I’m grinning again as he motions for me to turn. Doing as I’m told I tilt my body and lift my hair. As he wraps the leather around my neck and pulls it tight, buckling it at the base of my neck I can’t help but reach up and touch the thing again.

Once he is finished, he places his hands on my shoulders, runs them down over my arms and follows the path his hands just took with a trail of kisses.

“Merry Christmas, now I want you to show me how grateful you are.”

I turn to face him and notice he has produced a leash from his side of the bed, I nod and let him clip it to the ring of my new collar then rise from the bed and kneel on the floor next to him. When he stands and positions himself in front of me, I’m greeted by his erection, and I lick my lips. My hands rest on top of my parted thighs, palms up and I wait to be given what I desire, obediently presenting myself to him.

The sight of him holding the leash in his hand and the feel of the collar around my neck has my pussy soaking already, the urge to slide my fingers between my folds and touch myself is nearly overwhelming. I squirm and chew on my lower lip, as I wait for Sir to move, when he reaches down and takes my chin in his firm grasp, his thumb pulls my lip from between my teeth, and I look up into his eyes begging him with mine.

“Please, Sir. Let me show you how grateful I am. I want to taste you,” I can see a drop of precum building at the tip of his penis and I swallow hard as I imagine tasting him.

Sir pulls on the leash at the same time as he takes hold of the base of his cock and pushes the head down towards my mouth. I open for him and as he slides over my tongue, I relish the smoothness of his skin and the taste of him on my tongue. The fluttering in my belly spreads to my groin and the delicious feeling of the muscles clenching there makes me moan around Sir’s cock in my mouth.

Pulling on my leash so my mouth is filled with him I can feel the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat, I swallow as I take him in, relaxing my jaw and letting him use my mouth for his pleasure. My hands remain on my things, and I clench and unclench my fists, eager to please him but waiting for permission to move.

“Suck my cock like a good little whore,” I take my cue and instantly his words release me from my offering position.

I wrap one hand around the base of his cock and slide it up and down the length of him, coating him in my spit as I suck the head of it hard. When I pull him out of my mouth a small popping sound fills the room. Running my tongue around the tip of him I tease him with it, running it down his length and taking one, then the other ball into my mouth.

My pleasure builds inside me as I suck Sir’s cock, I love every second of it, and having him hold my leash, pulling me down onto him as I take him into my mouth again has me so close to the edge of an orgasm that I squirm on my knees in front of him. He recognizes my motions and chuckles at me.

“God, I love it when you suck my cock,” he tells me as he takes his free hand and wraps my ponytail around his wrists then grabs the back of my head and pushes me forward onto him, he pelvis pushing against my nose he is buried in my throat and I choke on him, the sensation sending jolts of pleasure down through my body.

“Touch yourself, while you suck me, baby,” I hear his words and immediately follow his instructions, grateful to be allowed to touch what is his. When I slide my hand over my thigh towards my pussy I brush against the swollen lips and buck at the feeling. Having his collar on me and his cock in my mouth has me on the verge of cumming already. I know I won’t to be able to keep myself from the building orgasm for long.

“Do. Not. Cum.” he grinds out the words as I suck him hard, trying to make him cum for me so I can taste him, and bask in the glory of making my Master cum with my mouth.

His words make me pout and I ever so slowly slide my fingers into my soaking center, coating them with my juices then up over my clit. I hiss at the sensation when I find my taught bud, I need the release but the pleasure in his withholding it from me sends a burst of excitement through me.

I continue to suck him, while I pull and squeeze his balls, bringing him closer to his release. I can feel him swell in my mouth and know he is close to cumming when he pulls me off of him by my hair, tilting my head back so I am looking up at him, I smile. Spit running down my chin, my fingers still circling my clit. The look in his eyes tells me everything I need to know about this man. I belong to him, he owns me body and soul and the thought makes me glow from the inside out.

Pulling me up by the hair and my leash I’m standing in front of him when he takes my mouth in his, devouring me with his hard kiss, sucking in my lower lip and nipping at me hard. When he releases me, he slides his hand down over my shoulder to my hip and digging his fingers into my skin turns me towards the bed. As he slides his hand back up over my spine the sensation of having his hand on me is sending shock waves through me and I push my ass out to him, hoping to grind against his hardened length.

“Please, Sir,” I breath out the words and he pushes down on the center of my back between my shoulder blades, bending me over the bed. Moving his leg forward between mine he spreads me open for him and runs the tips of his fingers ever so softly from my neck back down my spine and over my ass.

The cracking sound of his hand coming down onto my ass fills the room and I cry out, he pulls back on my leash, and I’m pinned to the bed, back arched, ass in the air presenting it to him. Rubbing the spot, he just hit me, the warmth spreads over my skin and into my body, I arch my back for him more, asking him to give me more of his punishment.

Again, he brings his hand down onto the soft flesh of my ass and the sting of it shoots through me to my soaking core. I can feel the sensation in my pussy every time he hits my ass, the skin stinging, then being soothed by his hand over and over again. He spanks me hard, then harder giving me what I need, and the pleasure pain pushes me close to the edge of my orgasm.

I squeeze my eyes closed when he smacks me again, trying with all of my will power to hold back the explosion building inside me.

“Rub your clit for me, I want to hear you begging me to let you cum,” hearing his words I hesitate. I know my need to cum is so close to the surface if I touch myself, I’ll start to come apart at the seams.

He tugs on my leash and the collar pulls on my neck, the sweet sensation reminding me who I belong to. I do as I’m told and slide my hand down between my body and the bed, when I find my clit and start to rub myself again, he spanks me again hard and fast, over and over.

I’m panting now, trying to remain silent, letting the sensations on my ass and clit take over, but I can’t hold back anymore and I cry out, moaning loudly into the room.

“Sir,” I squeeze my eyes closed and see stars, “please I need to cum.”

I don’t want to cum, I need to. I need to feel him inside me, fucking me, claiming me, owning me. He continues to smack my ass and I know my pale skin is bright red, the burn spreading across my cheeks feels amazing and I clench all of the muscles in my body in an attempt to hold off my orgasm as I continue to do as I’m told and rub my clit while he spanks me.

“Sir,” I pant softly, whining into the bed burying my face in the sheets and clenching my teeth. “Sir, please.”

Pulling back on my leash he impales me in one swift motion, his hard cock filling me completely. As he pounds forward into me over and over again his body hitting my still stinging ass and my fingers on my clit bring me right to the edge, he stills for a moment, and I whine.

When I hear Sir chuckle, I smile, I love being used by this man. Slowly, inch by tedious inch he fills me again and I clench down around him, squeezing him with my pussy, pulling him into me. I arch my back more as he pulls on my leash and I push my ass against him, begging him with my body to give me more of what I need.

He starts to piston in and out of me harder, then faster. When I hear him groan, I squeeze my eyes closed, I know I only have to maintain my control for a few moments longer.

“Cum on my cock like a Good Girl,” his words send a burst of sensations through my body, and he smacks me hard on the ass again. I explode around him, my cum gushing out around his cock as he pushes forward into my pussy.

I’m shaking with the pleasure and ride my orgasm into a second as he continues to fuck me through it, cumming on his cock, soaking the sheets. I feel it running down the inside of my thighs, every nerve ending in my body coming to life with the pleasure of it. When he steps back and pulls out of me I whine again.

He jerks slightly on my collar, and I follow the command and stand, turning to face him. “Now clean your cum off of my cock, whore. You know you want to suck me again.”

I smile and nod at him, lowering myself to the ground at his feet. I kneel, my hands back on my thighs. I can see my leash wrapped around his hand and I smile at being his collared whore. I take him into my mouth and the tangy taste of my own cum spreads over my tongue. I swallow, sucking hard, cleaning my cum from his cock, then licking it from his balls.

“Make me cum for you,” Sir tells me, and I reach up taking the base of his cock in my hand and squeeze him, pumping the length of him as I suck him hard. Taking him into my mouth and throat I swallow all of him, over and over again. Loving every second of it. I squeeze my thighs closed and grind my pussy down onto my legs, trying to bring myself close to the edge again.

When I feel him swell and buck in my mouth, he uses my leash to hold me down on him, choking me with his cock and his hot cum shoots onto the back of my tongue and down my throat.

“Fuck!” Sir roars, “Take it all, like a good little whore.”

Doing as I’m told I swallow every drop, when he releases the tension on my leash and steps back, freeing my mouth I smile up at him.

“Merry Christmas baby,” he tells me as he reaches his hand out to me and helps me to my feet, cupping my cheek in his hand I lean into it and close my eyes.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re my good girl, '' he says, trailing his fingers down over my body and stopping to pinch my nipple, the sensation shoots through me and my knees buckle. I giggle at him and reach up to touch the collar around my neck.

“I’m yours,” I tell him.

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