33,000 words, My missing MOJO and Nose Beads

Never trust a five-year-old who tells you, unprompted, that his nose hurts, but he doesn’t think there is anything in it.

At the beginning of last week my WIP consisted of 14,000 words, as of 2:30 today it sits at nearly 47,000. That is 33,000 words in a week people! It is amazing, the story was flowing from my fingertips, unfolding itself onto my page and telling me where it would go. Until I got the phone call from the daycare that changed it all.

When I get into a groove and I start writing, there is a frenzy of activity, the thoughts flow through me so quickly that sometimes I simply can’t type fast enough. I have to take a break to jot them down before I move on. Or I write so quickly, I forget and them I’m left sad that I couldn’t remember what I had planned.

As my second novel unfolded before me this week, I spent my days writing my heart out, I had a good flow and when I came to a decent stopping point at the end of each day, I was still able to pick back up where I left off the following morning and keep at it.

The trouble is, when you get stopped in the middle of all of this writing at a point that leaves you unsure of where you were going. That’s where I am now, frustrated and hoping to ward off any major writer's block by banging out a blog post. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it works!

The moment I saw the name on my caller ID I knew it was bad, the second I connected the call and could hear my son crying in the background it went from bad to worse. After a short conversation with his teacher, assuring me, he was okay they put him on the phone. He immediately told me his nose hurt, “But I don’t think there is anything in it.”

Now why the fuck would you say that, child? No one asked you if there was something in it, until now, when I was immediately sure that there must be. Being told no, and finally getting him to calm down, the teacher assured me she looked and saw nothing in his nose.

Lies! It was all lies! I spent the next hour trying to get my MOJO back, I puttered along and got maybe 100 words down onto the page, it was pitiful. I’d lost it. Then the phone rang again, “Well mom, we found a bead in his nose.”

Dear lord! A Bead! I had to leave work, take him to the doctor to make sure there weren’t any additional nose bead and that’s where we are now, finishing up our night curled on the couch after we spent the afternoon searching for nose beads. All is fine and well in my household except for the fact that I lost my MOJO.

What to do with myself? Edit? Fuck no! Editing sucks, I suck at editing, and it is my least favorite part of writing. Plus, I just told you I have 47,000 unedited words down on my novel, who’s idea of fun is it going to be to edit that shit? Not mine. What I need now is a stiff drink, to relax and hopefully get a good night’s sleep. Then in the morning I can spend my drive to work bouncing ideas off of my husband on how to move forward from where I ended on my current page. It is going to be a struggle and I’m not looking forward to it at all.

I often wonder what other authors do. How do they cope with losing their MOJO, writer's block, organization and editing woes? Recently I have found a wonderful #writingcommunity on Twitter and I love them. I hope to one day be as talented as some of the amazing authors I have met there and have had the pleasure of reading their work. For now, I push forward on my blog and keep my fingers crossed that my first novel will be published and soon after my second will follow suit.

For tonight, I’ll sit here, grumpy, disheveled and grumbling about nose beads. Maybe I’ll make an attempt or two at a short story for you all, or dive down a rabbit hole on the darker side of the web looking for inspiration. Either way, remember, to embrace your inner kink! Hopefully, I’ll get mine back soon.

~Emmy Lou H.

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