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101 Night

I knew something was different the moment I finished signing the contracts and I thought back to that moment, as soon as I stepped into The Den tonight. Looking around the concrete building the red and black made me feel a dark foreboding I can’t explain. But it is too late to go back now. The contracts and consent forms are all signed and I’m on board to be one of the demo submissives for the 101 Night that the dungeon is having. When it comes down to it, I really need the money.

I had been involved in my local BDSM scene before I moved to the city, but since moving here I haven’t had the chance to make it to this local dungeon before. Now I'm contractually obligated to scene tonight with two professional dominants that I’ve never met. Looking around the massive space for a second time I take a deep breath and steady myself.

I can do this, piece of cake. There is still something niggling me. I can't shake the feeling there is more going on here, but I can’t put my finger on it. Deciding to take a minute and get some fresh air. I drop my gear bag with the bartender and head for the front door.

The moment I pull back the red curtain at the entrance of the hall I see him. Well over six feet tall, thick muscular arms with a black t-shirt pulled tight across his biceps, his shoulders are massive and that ass. Yum!

Standing at the other end of the hall near the front door is a man I would give eye teeth to be with. Electricity crackles in the air as he turns and his silver eyes meet mine, a tooth filled smile spreads across his face. It just reaches his eyes, the faint lines at their corners crinkle, telling me that he was older than most of the men I normally date. But not too much older than me, in his forties, maybe.

I smile back at him, catching my bottom lip between my teeth and raise my eyebrows in appreciation of what I’m seeing. Straightening my spine and making my way down the hall towards him, I go over my outfit in my mind. I know I’m dressed to kill in an emerald corset, black mini skirt and thigh high boots. This green corset accents my curves and matches my eyes perfectly. Plus, I’m having one of those rare, perfect curl days, and I know that the light is bouncing off of my blond curls as I move. Shamelessly I put a little sway into my hips as I get closer to the sex god at the end of the hall. Come fuck me, my walk says.

“Evening, will you be coming back in?” he asks, holding out a small stamp and indicating that he needs my hand.

“Yep, just stepping out for some fresh air, I’m going to scene tonight. I just need a second," I wonder why I felt compelled to tell him that as I place my hand in his to get the small UV stamp on the back of it.

The charge in the air is intense. I swear, I literally see a spark between our hands, and I inhale sharply at the sensation. Taking in a deep breath of his scent into my lungs my head begins to swim. I throw my other hand out towards the wall to catch myself and look up at him with confusion in my eyes. His silver eyes flash for a split second, near glowing.

“Wow, there. Are you alright? You haven’t been drinking, have you? Rules are no drinking if you’re going to be in a scene,” I shake my head at his words and try to clear the clouds that have gathered there. My breathing feels slow and my mind sluggish. What the fuck Lynn, get it together.

“No, I know the rules. I’m not really sure what came over me just now. I’m sorry," as I finish my sentence I look down and see that he is still holding me by the wrist, his massive fingers matching the rest of his body completely encircle it. The warm sensation traveling across my skin where his touches mine makes me clench in dark places.

“I’m Lynn. I’m going to be subbing in one of the demos tonight. I think I’m just a little nervous, it’s been a while since I’ve done a public scene. Plus, I’m not sure who the Doms are that I am supposed to be working with. Tom said I would be meeting them soon,” I stop because I realize I’m rambling and that he was just doing his job as the bouncer and making sure I wasn’t some drunken fool.

Way to go, you really blew that one. I smile at him and shrug my shoulders.

“Ah, I see. Well, you’re alright now?” Putting his other hand on my shoulder he leans in and I close my eyes taking him in.


“Yes?” I say dreamily.

“Yes! Yes, I’m alright. Sorry. I’m not sure…. But I’m good, good. I’ll just be outside for a few. Will you let Tom know if he comes looking for me?” clear my throat, snapping myself out of the haze that keeps clouding around me the longer I'm in his presence.

I pull my wrist from his grasp and make my way through the door refusing to look back and praying that he will be too busy with guests when I go back in that I won't ever have to see the man again and relive that embarrassment.

I lean up against the brick wall outside for a few minutes and get myself together. Nerves, it’s all nerves. I finally tell after spending my time trying to decipher what the feeling was inside and what just happened with the sex god.

“Lynn?” A voice says from the door, and I turn to see Tom, the Dungeon Monitor standing there waving me over.

“Hey Tom. Sorry. I’m coming,” I say as I turn and make my way back to the door. “I was just getting some air. Nerves, you know?”

“Absolutely, but you're all good now?” Tom asks as he puts his hand on my lower back and signals for me to go ahead of him through the door. I say a silent pray that a different bouncer is standing guard and count my blessing when I look around the small entrance hall and don’t see a sign of the sex god at all. Thank you!

“Yep. You ready to introduce me to my lucky Doms for the night? I have been waiting to meet them so I can get down to the,” I tell him as we make our way to the end of the hall and through the curtain back into the main room of the dungeon.

“I left my gear bag behind the bar. Do you mind if I just grab that real quick before we head to the office?”

“No problem at all. Leo and Dell aren’t in the office yet so we have a few. Did you have any trouble finding the place?”

We chat as I grab my gear bag and then we make our way to the back office. Once we sit down, I go ahead and pull out my copies of the contracts and scene breakdown for the night. I’m halfway through rereading it for a third time when the door behind me opens and I hear two men talking. As I look up, I see Tom waving them in, but the scent filling the room tells me I don't need to turn around to know who I'm going to see behind me.

“Come on in guys, this is Lynn. Your submissive for the night.”

I turn and look back over my right shoulder I'm floored when I see the sex god standing there. There is a younger blonde man with him, both are incredibly handsome men. Both tall, though the second one is shorter than the sex god. But there is something about him I can't figure out, instantly my head starts to swim again, and I just blink up at him for a few seconds before I find my voice.

“Hi again,” I wave quickly and turn around to face Tom, trying to compose myself. Holy shit I’m going to scene with the sex god! My cheeks are burning, and I can feel the blush spreading over the top of my cleavage and shoulders, the fog in my mind starting to clear.

“Oh, you have met?” Tom asks, confused.

“No, not really. I…he was at the front door when I went out before that was all. We haven’t been properly introduced,” I stand as I finish and turn. reaching my hand out towards the sex god. “Lynn, it’s nice to officially meet you.”

“The pleasure is mine. The name is Leo. This is Dell,” Leo signals to the younger man next to him with his thumb and Dell shoots me a shy wave. When he takes my hand what clarity I had started to regain is gone and the electricity I felt earlier in the night is back, buzzing through my arm from his touch.

“Dell,” I say as I pull my hand from Leo’s and reach it towards his, taking it in mine and shaking it. But I glance back at the sex god again, looking up at him from under hooded eyes, my heart racing when our eyes meet, imagining the things this man could do to my body.

“Great, that's all the introductions, why don’t we all have a seat and go over all of the details for the night before you three get started,” Tom says from behind the desk, interrupting my thoughts.


An hour later it is time for our scene, I have gone over all of my limits and safewords with Leo and Dell. As I make my way to the large wooden table in the middle of the room, I take note of all of the patrons here to watch us and start to get nervous again. I still can’t believe I get to scene with Leo or shake the feeling I have about him.

“You ready babe?” he says from behind me, bending down and speaking softly into my ear. Goosebumps spread across my skin, and I nearly swoon again. I nod at him “Yes Sir. Let’s give them what they paid for.”

“Good girl,” he purrs in my ear and pushes me forward with his hand on my lower back. The electricity between us shocks me again, literally. I jerk and turn to look into those silver eyes and they flash. Leo winks at me and smiles, but this time there is something in his eyes didn’t see before. Need. This man needs me now, I think and smile at the thought.

“Lay down,” Dell says clearly behind me and I know that it is time. I turn and place my hands on the table, lift myself up and sit on top of it. It is a thick, heavy wood table, but it is small. When I lay back on it my neck is braced on the other edge and my head hangs off of the edge, my ass barely on the opposite side. Just big enough for me to be spread across and open to these men.

“Arms,” Leo says, reaching out and grabbing my wrists, pulling them down to the cuffs near my hips and securing them by my sides. Hanging upside down at this angle when he steps forward the tight fabric of his jeans is right at eye level and I bite my lip at the thought of what is waiting for me under them.

“You ready sweet thing?” Dell asks as he takes hold of my ankles and lifts them up, placing my heels on the table next to my hands and securing them in a matching set of cuffs.

“Yes, Sir.” I say, still smiling at Leo’s groin and thinking about devouring him.

“Good Girl,” Leo slides his hand down over my cheek. Rubbing his thumb along my jawline then across my lips and slowly slides it into my mouth, I suck him hard. Showing him my eagerness.

“Remember the rules. We get to cum, then you get to cum or you will be punished. Understood?” he asks me. I nod but don’t answer, I’m lost in his voice and his touch, having his hands on me is doing things I can’t explain, the fog rolling in and clouding my mind again.

Smack! The crop comes down on the inside of my thigh and I cry out. “You were asked a questions slave,” Dell says as he brings the crop down on the inside of my left thigh this time, I hear the sound of the leather meeting my skin and blink up at Leo for a second.

“Yes Sir,” I say, squeezing my eyes closed and focusing on the sensation spreading across my skin as Dell rubs small circles over my skin where he just hit me.

“Open your mouth and your eyes. I want you to watch me fuck your face, slut,” Leo says, grabbing my jaw roughly in his hand. I do as I’m told and am rewarded when I open my eyes with the sight of a massive cock.

Holy Shit! I open my mouth as wide as I can and take him in, swirling my tongue around the tip and then down the length of him as he slowly works his way in and out of my mouth, coating himself in my spit.

“Relax your jaw babe,” he says softly to me, and I do the best I can. He is so big I’m gagging on him in my throat with less than half of his length in my mouth, God I want to have him inside my wet pussy.

Dell slides his fingers up the slit of my pussy spreading me to him, finding my clit and pinching it hard. “You’re soaked and ready for me, aren’t you?” he says. I try to nod but Leo has hold of my face and is fucking my mouth hard now.

Smack! The crop comes down on my pussy and I flinch under the pleasure-pain. The sensations building inside me with each smack of the crop over my thighs, ass, and pussy. Dell works me over hard while Leo fucks my mouth. My orgasm builds and I’m close to cumming but I know the deal. I don’t get to cum until they do.

Leo suddenly stops and steps back and I’m left gasping for air without him filling my mouth. My jaw is sore and I’m tired from the mix of emotions flowing over me and the sensations of having his hands on me. They take their time switching up my position and I’m turned over onto the table with my ass in the air, ankles and wrist secured again.

This time it is Leo’s turn, and he uses the flogger on me, over and over again he flogs my ass, my thighs and pussy while I writhe under their hands. Dell tortures my breasts and pinches, squeezes and smacks them. Each time they touch me it brings me closer to the orgasm I am being denied.

“Open for me,” Dell says roughly, and I can tell he is close, I open my mouth and take him in. He is nowhere near the size of Leo and I can take all of him in. I toy with him with my tongue, lap at him, suck him and draw every drop of precum from him that I can until he is panting, and I know he is close to losing his control.

I smile at my efforts, all while continuing to be flogged by Leo over and over again. The crowd is growing restless, and I know our scene will be coming to an end. Dell grabs the back of my head and pounds into my mouth. “Swallow it all,” he commands as he fucks my mouth. I take him into my throat until I feel him tighten then still, hot cum shoots onto my tongue. The tangy, salty taste fills my mouth.

Finally, I can cum now. I think to myself and let my body relax into the flogging. My juices are soaking my thighs, my muscles are sore and the sweet pain from being flogged and beaten has brought me to the edge so many times.

“No,” I hear Leo say firmly behind me “the rule was you don’t cum until we do. I did not. You’re going to have to do better than that if you want to cum babe.”

I turn and look back at him over my shoulder and see his eyes flash again as he brings the flogger down on my hard, harder this time than he has before, and I cry out. I lose my control then and almost cum, but just before I do, I am able to pull myself back from the edge.

I can hear Dell explaining to the crowd that our demo is over, and Leo is unbuckling my ankles and wrists. Our time is up and I’m left feeling unsatisfied and tied so tight I might bust.

“Come here,” Leo says, reaching his hand out to me and helping me up off the table. I stand and he takes me into his arms. The second I settle into them all of the tension in my body is gone, my need for him is unsurpassed by any I have felt before. I rub myself on him and he chuckles in my ear. “This was just the demo and our time is up. But you’re not going to cum until I do. Is that understood?” Looking up at Leo I nod.

“Excuse me?” he says as he grabs the hair at the base of my scalp and pulls firmly.

“Yes Sir” I gasp out at him. Good, playtime isn’t over.

“Let’s go,” Leo takes my wrist and leads me out of the main room. There is a small hall that I had not noticed before and as we make our way down it, I see it is lined with doors on both sides. Private rooms, yes please!

“Ladies first,” he guides me into a room and closes the door behind us, “kneel.”

Doing as I’m told I drop to the ground in front of him, spread my knees and lay my hands palm up on my thighs, head down I present myself to him and wait for my next instructions.

“No, look up at me Lynn, I want to look into your eyes,” I look up and see him standing over me, still in his tight jeans and black t-shirt. “I knew when I saw you in the hall tonight that I was going to fuck you. It is just a bonus that we got to scene together and you signed a contract agreeing that your orgasms are mine. I’m going to fuck you now. Do you want that?”

“Yes, Sir. Please,” I whine the last part at him, begging. I need this. I need him. I have needed him since the moment I saw him in the hall. I can’t explain it, his eyes, his scent, everything about him is drawing me in and I need him to fuck me now before I burst.

“Good girl,” Leo smiles down at me and I feel the same confusion from earlier in the night take me over, I can’t put my finger on what it is that is drawing me to him, but I need to give myself to him, all of me, no matter what.

I watch as he steps back from me and slowly circles, I see his black t-shirt hit the floor and hear the zipper on his pants. I know by the time he finishes his circle and gets back around in front of me he will be naked and I’m blushing across my whole body. My pale skin feels like it's on fire with my need, my heart is racing and I'm panting from the anticipation of feeling his hands on me again.

“Stand up,” his words bring me to my feet and I stand, with him still at my back. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I can feel his breath on my neck. “I loved watching your thighs and ass turn pink under my hand,” he says as he smacks my ass again now.

“Go to the bed and lay on your back, open yourself for me.”

Slowly, making my way to the bed I look back at him, noticing the lines at the corners of his eyes again when he smiles at me. This time his white teeth dig into the soft red flesh of his lower lip and I blink away the thought that this man is dangerous. Mindlessly, I lay on my back, the lighting in the room makes it hard for me to see him still by the door, but I can see his eyes and their strange glow. Slightly unsure I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. When he steps into the light and I see his smile, the inner voice tells me I’m safe with him.

I spread my legs and lay my arms gently on the duvet above my head, the soft fabric is smooth against my skin. I can see my breasts rise and fall with each breath as I try to slow my breathing and watch Leo stalk across the room towards me, “Touch yourself for me.”

I smile at him and slide my hands down my body, over my breasts, kneading them, pinching my nipples and twisting them. I suck in a deep breath at the sensation and start to make my way down my sides, over my hips and then I find my wet pussy with my fingers. I spread myself open for Leo to see me and I can tell by the sharp intake of his breath that he likes what he sees.

“Fuck me, Sir. Please,” I beg him as I rub slow steady circles over my clit and knead my breasts with my other hand. “Please, the moment I saw you in the hall I needed you to fuck me, I needed you to own me.”

He chuckles and I open my eyes, but I don’t see him in the room. “I know babe,” I hear him say from the side of the bed and turn to see him standing staring down at me. That smile on his face again and I melt inside.

“Please, Sir. Please,” I’m begging and I know it. He chuckles at me again and moves back to the end of the bed, dropping to his knees he grabs me by the ankles and pulls me to the edge, the moment I’m there he closes his mouth over my pussy and I feel a sting of pain as he sucks hard on my sensitive bud.

“Fuck, Sir,” I cry out

“Don’t cum,” he stops eating me to say, then dives back in and devours me. Lapping at my core, his fingers find my entrance and he slides one in slowly, then two, three. His pace harder and faster with each passing moment. I arch my back off of the bed trying to get him to take more of me in and fuck me harder so I can cum, my need has gone on too long and I'm overwhelmed by the sensations.

“Please, Sir. Fuck me. I need you inside of me now,” I whine again.

Suddenly he is gone, and I feel the bed dip. Then he is kissing me, and I can taste my own arousal on his lips. He owns me with his kiss, and I can’t breathe around his tongue in my mouth, spreading my jaw open for him. The fierceness in it is shocking and he devours my mouth just like my pussy. I’m gasping for breath when he breaks our kiss but pull him back down to me for more. I can’t breathe without him now.

Wrapping my legs around his hips I lift myself up to him and rub against his massive cock between us. Begging him with my body to give me what I’m craving so badly. “Soon,” he says against my lips. Taking a hand and sliding it down over my body he finds my clit and teases me more. I’m not going to be able to take this much longer, I am going to explode any second, just when he stops.

Leo reaches down and grabs himself and slides the head of his cock up and down my slit coating himself with me. “Ready for me babe?” he asks just as he rests the head of his cock at my entrance. I know how massive he is, and I relax so I can take him in.

Slowly, inch by teasing inch he works his way into me, and I’m stretched so tight it hurts. I whimper as he slowly works his way in and out of me, getting my muscles used to having him there. I’m near tears when finally, he starts to pick up his pace. Matching his intensity in our kisses, taking me in again. He catches my bottom lip between his teeth and bites me. I gasp at his eyes, glowing again in the darkness of the room. But I’m too lost in lust to question him.

I can taste my own blood in my mouth from a cut on my lower lip as he fucks me and I start to come apart at the seams, “I need to cum Sir. Please.”

“Master,” he says one word and I nod mindlessly.

“Master, please. Make me cum for you, Master,” the moment I get the words out I feel him tighten inside of me and he bucks hard cumming inside me, filling me.

He falls forwards and I feel a sharp sting at my throat. I cry out just as I orgasm, I’m flying and subspace has never come close to the high I’m feeling now as I cum around Leo’s massive cock inside me. His mouth, on my neck, bleeding me dry.

I gasp and slowly the room fades around me. Just as I start to lose consciousness, he pulls back from me and I see his eyes, his fangs, and the blood on his lips. “Master." I smile up at him. I’m his now.

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Tom Boyer
Tom Boyer
Dec 03, 2021

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